Purana Quila Panipat, Haryana is a pride of Delhi

Panipat, probably known as the ‘City of Weaver’ in India is a historical and ancient city near Delhi and is remembered as the great battle of Panipat during the reigning period of Sher Shah Sur. The Purana Quila Panipat, Haryana is also one of those historical places near Delhi which is remembered for its beautiful archeological background. We reached there in the late afternoon after a visit to Maqbara and I could not express how patiently I was exploring the history behind those places.

Purana Quila Panipat Haryana

Purana Quila Panipat Haryana | Image Resource : flickr.com

Since the time was running, we hired a guide and told him to tell us about the major things of the fort and he did the same. He said that the fort was rebuilt in the beginning of 16th century of the period when there was rule of Sher Shah Sur. The fort had three gateways probably known as the Humayun Gate in the south, the’Bara Darwaaza’ in the west and the ‘Talaqi Gate’ also called ‘forbidden gate’. The double-storeyed gates were flanked by huge towers almost with a shape of semi circle and decorated with colored marbles and blue tiles. I liked the overhanging balconies which were a replica of Rajasthani architecture. We caught the major glimpses of the fort and also wanted to know more about the place. Since the time was less and the places were more to cover we had to leave the place quite early. We had our lunch in a nearby ‘dhaba’ with north Indian specialty and a glass of sweet buttermilk which enabled me to get me back my lost energy. Now I was ready to march along more places and could have fun with my children. Since I am a Professor of History, the visit was giving me a bulk of historical knowledge to share with my students.

I tried many cuisines during the course of my visit to the Purana Quila Panipat, Haryana and all of them were extremely awesome. I was totally satisfied with the taste and ingredients of the dishes and tried making them in the home after the journey came to an end. We travelled a lot but the thirst was still there to visit a zoo in Rohtak which was quite popular for its colorful wildlife.


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