Christ Church Shimla – A Place to Relax Your Body and Mind!

Learning literature and working as a professor, I love reading books whenever I get time. It is another passion I have other than travelling. In one of the books I happened to read about the Christ Church in Shimla, which is one of the oldest churches in North India. Then and there I had made a mental note of it and now that I am in Shimla, I had made plans to visit the church also. After a three hour tour of the Water Catchment Sanctuary we took a cab from the main gate and proceeded to Christ Church. We had lunch on the way and reached the church at three in the evening.

Christ Church Shimla

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The church is situated on The Ridge and was built in 1857. It is well maintained and stays in good condition even after years of its construction. It is one of the popular landmarks in Shimla and is visible from a long distance. The church served the British community in India during the rule of the British in India. From a distance we could see the church and its glory. Visitors are allowed to visit the church from Monday to Saturday from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm. It is built in the neo-gothic style and is a very calm place where you can pray peacefully. The church looked very beautiful from outside and we took a few photographs of it to show to our friends in Delhi. The large clock makes the church more beautiful, although it no longer functions. We had to take off our shoe to get inside the church.

Inside the church, it looked very simple, except for the five stained glass windows. We learnt that the five windows represented hope, fortitude, charity, humility and patience. The floor had red carpet which made the interior beautiful and bright. It was very quiet inside, quite contrary to the hustle and bustle outside. Praying at the church was really a different experience and it made one peaceful. After spending sometime at the Christ Church Shimla we came out hoping to visit the place again.

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