Discover A New World At The Hotels In Agra!

My name is Anisha Goel and I have a great passion for travelling to new places and trying new things but being over forty years old and having a family to take care of means I cannot just abandon my responsibilities and go out. Then one day a friend recommended that I travel to Agra with my family. After a little research I learnt that the hotels in Agra were so reasonably priced that I could afford to stay there for some days!

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Among all the splendid hotels in Agra I decided to pick the Aryan Taj Resort. This magnificent resort had all the amenities to make my vacation with my family easier on me and on them. Travelling with kids had never been this much easier before! The resort is surrounded by greenery in the form of well-manicured gardens that I liked to admire during short walks that I took every morning.

As a professor I love to read and further my knowledge and so when I went shopping in Agra I found some old book stores that sold some very valuable vintage books! Reading these books gave me an insight on the culture of the people of Agra. They have a very unique way of living life and enjoying it to the fullest.

Agra cuisine

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The people in Agra are very hospitable and are always ready to extend a helping hand regardless of whether they are familiar with you are not! And so when I decided to ask the chef at the resort for the recipe of a delicious local dish he not only gave it to me but also showed me how to make it at the resort’s kitchen. There were many dishes that I absolutely fell in love with during my vacation and I made sure I bought back the recipe for each one of them! Make sure you get to try them all out as well!