The Hotels In Jaipur Await You!

Hotels In Jaipur

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My name is Anisha Goel and I’m a professor at a prestigious university. I have a great passion for travelling so I try to take some time off every year to visit someplace new with my family. This time around I decided to visit Jaipur! This beautiful city took my breath away right from the moment I stepped out of my train. The hotels in Jaipur are all so reasonably priced that I didn’t have to worry about the expense of taking my family along. Travelling with my family on a budget had never been easier than this!

We chose to stay at the Chokhi Dhani resort in Jaipur. The rooms at the resort were spacious enough for my kids to run around and also very comfortable. From our private balcony I could view the surrounding Aravalli mountain range as well as the City and its pink palaces. It was a sight that I could never forget and waking up to it every morning meant that even if the rest of my day went bad I wouldn’t mind!

Chokhi Dhani resort in Jaipur

Chokhi Dhani resort in Jaipur | Image Resource :

The resort was a world in itself. It had incorporated a lot of the Rajasthani culture onto itself and so throughout our stay we felt like we were guests at the Maharajas palace! The resort staff showed us the true meaning of Rajasthani hospitality by helping us throughout our stay and even arranging for a tour of all the local sights. I did not have to worry about the well-being of my family even once during my vacation!

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The best part about staying at the hotels in Jaipur is the restaurants there. The in-house restaurant of the resort had a very skilled group of chefs who served only the best and most authentic Rajasthani dishes. Every day we would return to the resort after a tiring day to find a Thali full of food from the local cuisine waiting for us. These dishes have won my heart and will always be the reason why I would like to return to Jaipur time and again!