Jallian Wala Bagh Amritsar : A Page In The Books Of History!

I Anisha Goel, love to trot around the globe and explore the culture and traditions of various cities and countries. A forty year old female, with teenage kids needs to plan a family vacation and have the most enjoyable time while travelling with kids.  Reading through the pages of a history book, my daughter had questions about Jallian Wala Bagh in Amritsar. I thought it would be really nice to visit this place and learn a tad more of history. Although I love learning literature, history intrigues me. I browsed through the internet, zeroed in on a budget travel during the summer vacation.

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With the close of the academic session, we spent a few days relaxing at home as no sooner we would be off on a holiday. Since my children are old enough, they packed their suitcases not forgetting the camera. With a penchant for vintage books, I picked up a couple of them to read on the train as it was a long journey ahead. My teenage heart was excited as I was travelling with my family to Amritsar. Sitting by the window watching the vast spread of land, the mountains and the green fields with birds hovering around is a nature lover’s delight. Alighting from the train, we checked in to a two star hotel that offered good services for the price. We ordered local food and the cuisine had a nice flavour. Food in the north is more of rotis and sabji unlike the South Indian fare.

Roti Sabji

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We booked a taxi to Jallian Wala Bagh which is located close to the Golden temple complex. It is a public garden which houses a memorial. On 13th April 1919, around 10,000 people gathered for a peaceful protest against the Rowlatt Act. The then General Reginald Dyer with his army of a 150 troops opened fire at the innocent crowd. 400 people dropped dead and 1500 lay wounded and left to die in the garden and the well within. With teary eyes we walked around the garden which houses a Martyr’s gallery. A 45 foot red stone pillar built in the shape of a flame reminds tourist of the massacre. Bullet marks are seen on the walls and history comes alive as we pay homage to the departed.

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