Make Your Heart Dance with Thrill And Joy: Adventure Island Amusement Park!

Adventure Island Amusement Park

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Adventure Island Amusement Park – The Adventure Island Amusement Park at Rohini in Delhi is a combination of retail shops, thrilling rides and great eateries. I took my nephew and my parents to the place on a Sunday. Each of us had a great time as my son had his fill of amusement rides and water rides like Splash Dunk and Rain Dance while I could shop to my heart’s content at the Metro Walk. My parents relaxed by the serene lagoon on the side.

The Buckingham Palace – Witnessing the Grandeur of the British Monarchy

Britain is the world’s oldest democracy and is being ruled under the name of a single family lineage for over 1000 years now. The rich history of the British Monarchy is illustrated in the various architectural phases and eras of the empire. Several castles and forts built around the city have become the showcases of British Art and architecture.

These castles and palaces are visited by thousands of tourists from around the world every year. They not only preserve the rich history of various eras but are also house some of the best collections of art, antiques and memorabilia. As a teacher I am quite enthusiastic about exploring the nuances of world history and European History is by far one of my favorite areas. I was also happy to see my kinds taking a deep interest in British History all through this trip.

Buckingham Palace

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Whenever a mention of palaces and forts in Britain comes up the first name that pops up in any one’s mind is the Buckingham palace which is located in heart of London close to the Constitution Hill. It is also the official workplace and the London residence of the monarch of the United Kingdom. Currently it houses Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II. It is actually located in the City of Westminster; the palace serves as the hosting place for most visiting Heads of States and also as an important centre for national and internationally important ceremonies.

The Buckingham Palace is named so because it was initially built and owned by the First Duke of Buckingham and Normanby it was bought and  the year 1700. Later it was bought and acquired by King George III as a private residence for his wife the Queen Charlotte in the year 1761. It has been remodeled and redeveloped on several occasions over the years most recognizably in the 19th century by famed architects Edward Blore and John Nash.

Buckingham Palace Interiors

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The Buckingham Palace is open for the Public during August and September after the ceremonial Summer Opening which is attended by thousands of tourists. The last major reform occurred during the early twentieth century after Buckingham Palace became the official residence of Queen Victoria. The iconic East Front and Garden were built during this remodeling. The Garden of Buckingham Palace also on the East Facade is the largest privately owned garden in Britain.

Photo of the Week : Tower Bridge London

Tower Bridge London

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Tower Bridge London – The tower bridge is an iconic monument of London and I heard that so many movies are shot there. I was extremely excited to pass through it when I was on my way to visit the other tourist locations. It is perfect for a photography shoot and I had some really lovely pictures taken there.

Happy Children’s Day

Happy Children's Day

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Children’s day is what every kid in India looks forward to because it is one day when they are pampered by their teachers and parents. In many schools teachers put up performances for the children and distribute chocolates and sweets. Jawahar Lal Nehru is honored and remembered on this day for all his contributions to children’s welfare.

Royal Albert Hall London – A Temple for the Art Lover

The Royal Albert Hall is one of the most iconic buildings in London. It was established in the year 1868 by Queen Victoria. It is among the most visited tourist destinations in the city and is popular not only for its beautiful architecture but also for its vibrant cultural importance in Britain.

It has been a center of excellence for the display of art work from all spheres and all parts of the world since its establishment. It is also interesting to note that the Royal Albert Hall receives neither any public nor any private funding and yet has been able to maintain its extravagance over the years. This is a clear reflection of the dedication of the Royal hall’s trust and also of the immense popularity of the Albert Hall.

Royal Albert Hall is not only one of the most beautiful but also one of the largest concert halls in the world and is located on the northern corner of South Kensington in the British capital. It is also popular for hosting the largely followed and internationally covered Proms concerts every summer since the year 1941.

Royal Albert Hall London

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The capacity of the hall varies between 4200 and 5800 depending upon the positioning of the stage and the audience. It is a heritage site and has been serving the people of Britain for around 150 years now.

The hall was completed and opened for public in the year 1871. Since then almost all contemporary greats and leading artists from all corners of the world have given several performances cutting across genres. It has thus become one of the most treasured and dignified art stages in the world.

Royal Albert Hall Auditorium

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The popularity of the Royal Albert Hall can be inferred from the fact that it has hosts around 350 events annually even today including not only classical concerts but also rock and pop genres. Ballet and opera shows have been the signature of the Albert Hall. Several sports, school events, charitable events and award ceremonies are also regularly organized at the hall.

The Hall was built in the memory of the Prince Consort Prince Albert and hence showcases his life and work. My trip to the Royal Albert Hall was mesmerizing and I am definitely touched by the Grandeur of the British Arts.

Photo of the Week : Houses of Parliament London

Houses of Parliament London

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Houses of Parliament London – The Westminster Abbey or the House of Parliament was on my bucket list of places to visit in London. As a history professor, I was able to enjoy and feel the richness of the history that this place carried. Even today the parliamentary sessions take place in the Westminster Abbey and still carry the yesteryear glory and splendour.

Photo of the Day : Hyde Park London

Hyde Park London

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Hyde Park London – When I visited London as guest lecturer to one of the universities there, the students whom I had a chance to address took me to the famous Hyde Park as a treat. The speaker’s corner was what I was excited to see as it holds so much importance and the park itself was lovely and relaxing.