Train Travel From Delhi To Rajasthan : Exciting And Refreshing!

My name is Anisha Goel and I have always loved to step out of my comfort zone and travel to new places. Every year I think of new ways to spend my family vacation and last year I had a stroke of genius! I booked us a suite in the Royal Rajasthan. This train travels from Delhi to Rajasthan during vacation time and makes travelling with family an exciting affair. The train did not charge a lot for kids and I even managed to save a little despite my tight budget. The interiors of the train were so exquisitely designed that we just had to sigh when we first saw it.

Royal Rajasthan

Royal Rajasthan | Image Resource :

The train took us on an amazing journey across the country starting from New Delhi on the first day and weaving its way across many small villages and cities. From our seats we could see the passing fields and mountains. There was much to do inside the train itself but I preferred to just stay in my seat reading some literature books and furthering my knowledge about the cultural aspects of Rajasthan.

Jodhpur Blue City

Jodhpur Blue City | Image Resource :

The journey took us to every major tourist destination in Rajasthan from Jodhpur to Udaipur and even the capital city of Jaipur. At every city we would halt for a while and during this time I managed to see all of the tourist attractions and do a bit of shopping as well. In Udaipur I found a local store that sold some valuable vintage books as well as recipe books that caught my eye right away!

udaipur city

Udaipur city | Image Resource :

As a foodie I greatly enjoyed the rare opportunity that the train travel from Delhi to Rajasthan presented. With every new destination came a chance to sample the local cuisine. There were so many traditional and authentic delicacies that I tried on the train and each were more delicious than the other! If you wish to have the same experience then all you have to do is book for a train trip to Rajasthan!