Having Bihari Foods at Gaya

The main reason we came to Gaya was to have our fill of Bihari cuisine. I cannot honestly vouch for the kids or even their father, but on an invariably personal note, this was one of the main items on the bucket list for this holiday. There were several places I could see from the walk from the station where I would get a taste of Bihari Foods at Gaya. The hotel was one itself. The restaurant was well maintained and the food was excellent. There was a good variety available on choice of the matter.

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The service however demands some critique, but the food makes up for it. Indian cuisine is always known to be spicy – it is a quality agreed upon by foodies around the world. The food here has no exception. The kids had their tongues out and hanging from all the peppers and I had a brutal awakening myself, considering how I always spiced up my own cooking. It was not an uncomfortable kind of spicy, but more of the one which anyone could enjoy. Taste was a factor that came to the forefront of the issue.

We had planned out to be complete foodies this holiday, at least my husband and I – the kids were always picky about their food, and this winter, it was no different. We set out from our hotel together to check out the local scenery and the sights around. We did not have much of a heavy breakfast at the hotel restaurant so were free enough to experience all the Bihari Foods at Gaya which the local shops were ready to offer. Much of it was similar to ones we were used to back home, but the taste was extraordinarily different. Despite much of it were found at little cafés and the roadside, I believe that the true taste of the town could be found in the invariably local cooking which could be gathered from the cozy little joints around town without much to fear from an upset stomach – the hawkers being too unhygienic and the larger restaurant chains too fancy.