Science City Ahmedabad – An Accomplished Endeavor of Learning Science with Fun

Almost half of my expedition has been completed, and we are on the move to the next place of recreation. Ahmedabad has always been a versatile city, full of amusement, enjoyment, and learning and the most importantly, an inspirational recreation zone. My children were always my priority throughout my journey. The complete plan was framed keeping in mind, their field of interest, their rejoicing mood and of course an induced sense of learning while travelling. As can be clearly noticed in all the previous blogs, that I had been a bit selfish while making a choice of the places to visit. My tempting and craving love for nature and learning literature has completely engrossed me to visit them. But then it was time for the kids. So the next place of excitement was on the demands of my siblings, i.e., Science city Ahmedabad. As the name itself resembles the exploring of science, the place is actually worth visiting.

Science City Ahmedabad

Science City Ahmedabad | Image Resource :

An ambitious initiation taken by government of Gujarat to construct science city, on the land of Ahmedabad has undoubtedly, triggered the mind of the tourists as well as the local habitants with a wide knowledge of science and imaginations. It was actually a land of fantasies for my kids, about which they had read only in the books and other articles. With an aid of experiential and entertaining wisdom, the Science City is an accomplished structure situated off the Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway. The areas of enthusiasm like, musical dancing fountain, 3D IMAX theatre, simulation and the energy park were indeed the places of having a gala time for me and my family. As far as my sense of learning is concerned, the investments incurred for this splendid and informative place of attraction holds a perfect blend of ecological awareness along with the proper use of science.

This part of our travelling to Science city in Ahmedabad has actually inculcated us with an innovative form of knowledge with some activity corners, live demonstration, laboratories and wide displays. With a glimpse into the galaxy of development and technology, I decided to head towards my next designated spot, Adlaj Vav Ahmedabad. The sun struggling to settle down, calm and moist air around my face, and a pleasing environment, with no trace of tiredness, I was still afresh and hence, geared up to visit the next place.

Unique Facts about Culture of Allahabad

Allahabad city is the largest city of Uttar Pradesh. The city is also regarded as the most sacred city to the Hindus. I have always been curious to know more about the various cities of India. I gathered a lot regarding the cultural heritage of this city. Here I wish to share with you a few facts about the Allahabad city. These facts will surely coax you to visit the wonder city.

Population of Allahabad

Allahabad has a population, which is culturally diverse. There are people belonging to different cultures, religions, and races residing in Allahabad. The city is a very clear example of unity in diversity, which our nation so truly follows. People remain together as one.

Languages in Allahabad

The common languages in Allahabad are Hindi, English, and Urdu. The regional language of Allahabad is Hindi, which is also our national language.

What makes Allahabad Colourful?

There are several fairs and festivals held in Allahabad, which add colour to this beautiful city. One of the most famous Fair is the Kumbh ka Mela. This mela has also been shown in many Hindi movies. The biggest Kumbh Mela is held once in twelve years in the city of Allahabad.
Another Mela called the Magh Mela is held in Allahabad in February. These melas and fairs are held on the banks of various rivers. They also have a lot of religious significance.

Allahabad and Education

Allahabad has always been counted as the literary capital of Uttar Pradesh. The puranas regard it as the place where the Holy Scriptures originated. The city is mentioned in various Holy Scriptures of Hindus.

Allahabad University

Allahabad University | Image Resource :

Even in the modern era, Allahabad is known for its University. A city has always given importance to education. Many great writers of modern Hindi literature like Harivanshrai Bachchan and Mahadevi Verma hail from Allahabad.

Tourism In Allahabad

In the recent past, tourists are taking special interest in Allahabad’s rich culture. Religious tourism has always been popular in Allahabad. Now foreign tourists are also attracted to the rich cultural background of this wonderful city.

Ranchi Science Centre – To Titillate the Minds of Children

The new morning in Ranchi was very relaxing. The full night’s rest did wonders to our system and we were back in full form to enjoy the day’s activities. This day, I spent some of the morning to explore the rest of the hotel and was very satisfied by the standard of services that the hotel offered. Since we had set a certain time for the departure for the sightseeing, I had to cut short my tour and we all got ready in time to go to the Ranchi Science Centre. Managed by the Jharkhand Council on Science and Technology, the building is a storehouse of information and knowledge on science.

Ranchi Science Centre

Ranchi Science Centre | Image Resource :

The rental car took us to the Centre. It seemed like an ordinary building at first with only a couple of stories but from the moment we entered the premise and till the moment we bade it farewell, the place continued to amaze us with its various exhibits. The Centre is divided into three sections – the Resources of Jharkhand, a section called Fun Science and the last one – How Things Work. Since the entire day was at our disposal, we patiently viewed each and every exhibit in the three sections very minutely and carefully.

The Resources of Jharkhand has an amalgamation of the technical advancement and the natural resources of Jharkhand. Through the medium of quizzes, the curiosity of the visitors was piqued and the animations and replicas captivated everybody’s attention. The second section – How Things Work had exhibits explaining the theories and the working principle behind day-to-day objects and machines. This gallery has the maximum number of people visiting it. The last permanent gallery of the Centre- the Fun Science has a bit of fun element where interactive models are set up and they gave insight into the interesting aspects of life and science.

All in all, the trip to Ranchi Science Centre was very enlightening and enriching. We also saw the slides at the 3D Projection Theatre and browsed through the store to look for eclectic items. Soon it was time and we left for the Jonha Falls, Ranchi.

Photo Of The Week : Banaras Hindu University Varanasi

Banaras Hindu University Varanasi

Banaras Hindu University Varanasi | Image Resource :

Description : Banaras Hindu University is one of the oldest universities of India and was established in the year 1916 by Madan Mohan Malviya. It has over 20, 000 resident students. Many popular people and celebrities have passed out from this university adding to its fame. It is also one of the places worth visiting in Varanasi.

Bharat Kala Bhavan, Varanasi – An Art and Archaeology Museum

The visit to Ram Nagar Fort was indeed a totally different experience which pleased me thoroughly. On the third day we decided to make a visit to the Bharat Kala Bhawan which found in the premises of the Banaras Hindu University. Last day we had visited the Ram Nagar Fort which is located at a distance of just 2 kilometers from the university, but I was disheartened of not visiting it. However we made it today as our aim was to visit the Bharat Kala Bhawan and it is located within the compounds of the university. We traveled a distance of 6 kilometers from the Varanasi Cantt and reached at the vicinity of the university at about 11 am in the morning.

Bharat Kala Bhavan Varanasi

Bharat Kala Bhavan Varanasi | Image Resource :

Almost every student must be aware about the Banaras Hindu University which was started by Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya in the year 1920. The university is one of the oldest in the country and hosts a range of subjects in the academics. Bharat Kala Bhavan in the university premises has a rare collection of precious art forms, miniature statues, miniatures from the Mughal period, manuscripts, pictures, contemporary art forms and brocade textiles. Visitors can also indulge themselves for an extensive visit to the gallery where jewelry, terracotta items, Rajasthani and Pahari paintings, goods made of ivory and precious gemstones are exhibited.

Different galleries in the Bharat Kala Bhavan are the Madan Mohan Malaviya gallery,Nidhi gallery, Nicholas Roerich gallery, Decorative Art gallery, sculpture gallery, Chhavi gallery and Archaeological gallery are present. Each of these galleries is different from one another and hosts an exquisite collection of rare art and architecture.

The ancient essence of the Varanasi city is presented through the different galleries found in the Kala Bhawan. There are about 1,04,376 holdings found in this spacious gallery which is unique in itself. I have a keen interest in art and literature ever since I became a professor. Moreover my teachings are greatly inspired from real life findings and ancient a=inscriptions. I felt really delighted to have visited the museum cum gallery with my husband and children. It provided me an in depth knowledge about various things.

Reasons we Must Read Books

We all are aware reading is must but only few make it a habit. Here I have listed below why is reading important and wish you all find it helpful.
Reading Exercises our brain as it is an extremely difficult task for our brain. The brain cells are strengthened activated and it starts building connections. Kids those who often read may get a better know how of things around them as well pretty much good at common sense.

If you are struggling with concentration issues, then all you must do grab a book/ newspaper any quality reading material and start reading. It will help you to be focused, ensure the ambiance around you is calm and your sitting on a table or straight. The longer you read more you would improvise and be able to concentrate.


Books | Image Resource :

There would have often been occasions were you come across people using a very good vocabulary, aware of various synonyms of a word or answer and understand complex scriptures easily. This is a result of reading constantly, during which one unconsciously absorbs words, ways to form correct sentence and write.

Most fascinating is you can explore own self and newer things. This all begins with reading, when you read you work on problem tackling and solving skills. Even reading is beneficial when choosing a career unless you read and know you will not be able to know your interest. At times reading can open up a new choice and path for you. When you understand – you explore – understanding comes from reading!

Time before Action – Preparation, Prior commencing, or doing any action, we all need guidance and our own home work. All this comes from reading. You may not be an avid reader but even a non- reader must be acquainted to basic reading like – reviews or feedback of a place / product / food recipe these basic things will require any one to read. So, reading helps you to gain knowledge, opinions of others as well develop a bank of quality information which is important while taking action. READ- LEARN- ACHIEVE.

Overall reading brushes up an individual’s – Personality, knowledge, experience and much more. So ensure that you do read and learn as well motivate each one to do so.

Photo Of The Week : Public Library Allahabad

Public Library Allahabad

Public Library Allahabad | Image Resource :

Description : The Public Library in Allahabad is widely known for its vast collection of books. The Bharti Bhavan has a collection of Hindi and Urdu Books. The Library is truly magnificent and is surely worth a visit especially for Hindi or Urdu literature lovers. It has been established in 1889 and may be regarded as a popular monument too.