Top 15 Hotels in Goa

Goa has remained a top tourist destination since times immemorial. It has attracted tourists from around the world because of its unique nightlife, impressive beaches, rich cuisine and flawless scenic beauty. Every bachelor aspires to visit Goa at least once to have fun and freak out with friends and to make the best of bachelorhood.

Today, planning a trip to Goa without proper forethought would be really foolish. Research a bit and find out which are the Top Hotels in Goa before you venture for that dream trip to this paradise of beaches, babes and beer.

Here we have put forth a well researched list of the top hotels in Goa based on the popular likings, certain key facilities and proximity to certain prominent beaches. Read along and decide where you plan to stay during your next visit to Goa:

  • Acron Waterfront Resort
  • Oyo Premium
  • Ramada Caravela Beach Resort
  • Club Mahindra Emerald Palms
  • Living Room By Seasons
  • The Fern Gardenia Resort
  • La Cabana Beach Resort
  • Planet Hollywood Beach Resort
  • The Leela Goa
  • The Fern Beira Mar Resort
  • The Acacia Hotel and Spa Goa
  • The Baga Beach Resort
  • Grand Hyatt Goa
  • 16 Degrees North
  • Ozran Heights Beach Resort

Photo of the Week : Albert Bridge Apartments London

Albert Bridge Apartments London

Albert Bridge Apartments London | Image Resource

Albert Bridge Apartments London – I visited London for an educational conference and I stayed at the Albert Bridge Apartments London. It was an apt place for me because the train station was in close proximity to it. The Battersea Park and the London Victoria were just minutes away too. The rooms were clean, comfortable with a homey feel to them.

Photo of the Week : Double Tree By Hilton Hotel London

Double Tree By Hilton Hotel London

Double Tree By Hilton Hotel London | Image Resource :

Double Tree By Hilton Hotel London – The Double Tree Hilton Hotel is an ancient looking elegant building and I got a chance to stay there when I visited London for an educational conference. I was awed by the beautiful building and excellent services. The place is also very well connected and is minutes away from the British museum and the west end theater district.

Comfort Inn Hyde Park Rooms – The Complete Lodging Solution

Over the many days of my stay in London I have seen many great tourist locations. The city has welcomed us and our trip has been memorable till now. Whenever one is away from home travelling especially on family trips it is in essentiality to choose a comfortable and affordable lodging solution.

If one is not comfortable at the premises then the fun of the entire trip fades considerably and one has to worry about trivialities wasting precious travel time. After all for working class people like me the chance to travel to London comes only once in a long time. Another important aspect is affordability. Given that lodging takes away a chunk as large as 40 to 50% of your total travel expenditure, one must choose a comfortable and affordable hotel so that the trip need not be cut short because of over the moon hotel expenditures.

Comfort Inn Hyde Park Hotel London

Comfort Inn Hyde Park Hotel London | Image Resource :

The Comfort Inn Hyde Park Hotel has been my den for this memorable trip to London. I have immensely enjoyed the hospitality of this homely location. The Hotel Comfort Inn, Hyde Park is located in central London and yet far away from the rush of the main streets. It is quite accessible from all parts of the city which was the first thing I checked while booking hotels in London.

It is located centrally with respect to all major destinations on my itinerary and particularly close to the Royal Albert Hall which I mentioned in my previous posts. A shopping center is also located nearby and one does not need to go far away to search for general commodities. The Imperial College and Harrods are also close by.

The Rooms at the Comfort Inn Hyde Park are all air conditioned with a thermostat provided in every room. The airy and well furnished rooms are the best places to wear off the travel strains.  With a little extra charge one can access high speed wireless Internet access all through the premises of the hotel. Phones are available in every room.  Large number of cupboards and desks allow you to unpack all necessities easily.

The Premium Amenities at the Hotel Comfort Inn which made me choose the hotel while looking for options on hotel booking apps include a wonderful spa and massage center. Guided tours are also organized by the hotel in order to allow tourists to find a complete travel solution at one place. The food had authentic British flavors, which is exactly what you want when travelling. Experiencing all parts of the British culture we had a great stay at the Hotel Comfort Inn.

Photo of the Week : Eversholt Place London

Eversholt Place London

Eversholt Place London


Eversholt Place London – When my university gave me an opportunity to visit as a guest lecturer, I was thrilled and I booked a room at the Eversholt place London. The hotel is a true ode to the reputed British hospitality and it added to my memories I have of London and its beauty.

Golden Toff Resort Mumbai- Ideal for a Weekend Getaway

The massiveness and beauty of the Mumbai Central station left us amazed. There were lakhs of people present at the station in order to board trains and travel to different corners of the country. In fact some of them have to deal with this crowd everyday and travel to nearby areas in order to earn a living. There were several food stalls, canteens, book stores and many other facilities at different points. After dealing with the crowd, we managed to get out and hire a cab. We had done our booking online at a hotel known as Golden Toff Resort Mumbai.

There is no doubt about the fact that Mumbai is the capital of the country as far as business is concerned. The city is adorned with a large number of high rise structures, well developed roads, high class hotels and entertaining amusement parks. But being a resident of Delhi, we were quite used to all these. Since we were on a holiday, we wanted to stay somewhere where we could be away from the busy life of the city.  Our booking at the Golden Toff Resort Mumbai was done with this thing in mind.

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The Golden Toff Resort is located far away from the main city over a hilltop in the middle of lush green fields and forests. While travelling to the hotel, I realized that the city has been designed very well in order to accommodate everything. On reaching the hotel, the staff members welcomed us in traditional Marathi style and we were extremely pleased with that. Since we were extremely tired due to the hectic train journey, we chose to head straight towards our room rather than exploring the hotel.

The actual location of the resort is opposite the Stella Maris Hospital in West Bhayandar. The hotel also acts as the perfect getaway destination for the people of Mumbai during the weekends. Moreover, it is extremely close to some of Mumbai’s major tourist spots such as Uttan Virgin Beach and Gorai Beach. We were extremely pleased with the warm ambience inside the rooms. The beds were extremely relaxing and the services very pleasing.

Photo of the Week : Grand Hyatt Mumbai

Grand Hyatt Mumbai

Grand Hyatt Mumbai

Grand Hyatt Mumbai – This beautiful five star luxury property will make any person that visits fall in love with its ambience and services. The staffs are extremely well trained and will ensure that guests feel relaxed and comfortable. If you want to enjoy a holiday feeling like royalty, there is no better place to stay in Mumbai than the Hyaat!