Rediscovering History by Visiting Patna Museum, Patna

After having a delightful visit to the Sonepur mela, we returned back to Patna that evening. We reached our hotel and waited for the last day of our trip. After visiting the Patna museum, Patna, the trip of Patna will be complete. We woke up next morning and booked a car that would take us to the Patna museum. It was a walk of just 30 minutes from our hotel still we decided to take a car just because of saving the time and comfort. This museum was built during the reign of the British in the year 1917. It houses all the historical artefacts which were found in the surroundings of Patna. The museum is built in a special style merging the effects of Mughal and Rajput architected. Local people call the museum as Jadu Ghar.

Patna Museum Patna

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We reached the museum by 10 am in the morning. The museum gate open at 8.30 am and remains open till 4.30 pm. But the museum remains closed during Monday. The entry fee for all the people is quite low. It is just rupees two for the students who are in group and rupees five for the students having identity card. General public are allowed to enter for rupees 200. Again, the people who want to see the Buddha cascade generally need to pay rupees hundred. The foreign tourists have to pay a little more approximately around 250 bucks.

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There is uniqueness in the Patna museum, Patna and that is the picture source which is recently introduced. The museum displays many archaeological things, coins, paintings, instruments, art objects, textiles, painting, bronze images, sculptures, thankas, terracotta images and many more things. It has displays the rare paintings during the British rule. The most prized possession of the museum is the sacred relics of Buddha. You can see all the things kept there. We had to purchase another ticket of rupees hundred in order to see those relics. After that, we returned back to our hotel. We indeed had an awesome experience of travelling in Bihar. This is very good place. And thus we complete our stay in Patna.