Rajasthani Sweet Dish Ghevar : Every Bite Takes You To Heaven!

My name is Anisha Goel and what I most love to do is travel and to cook! I’m a professor at a prestigious university and it is a job that does not grant me much time to follow my dreams. So when I finally got my much waited vacation time I decided to make the most of it and planned a vacation with my family to the very heart of India’s culture-Rajasthan! The hotels in Jaipur were so reasonably priced that even with a budget I was able to afford a decent and spacious room for us. Travelling with kids can prove to be quite tiresome but throughout my trip I didn’t have to worry about them much because the hotel took care of their every whim.

When I was not out exploring the city I was spending some quality time in my room reading literature. On my second day in Jaipur I came across a few vintage books at a local store that explained in detail the customs and practices of the Rajasthani people. Luckily for me these books also spoke about the local food and cuisine. There are many restaurants in the city where I could find some authentic dishes as well as a few sumptuous delights that my family just fell in love with! I greedily made a note of all the recipes so I could take them back home and impress a few others.

Rajasthani Sweet Dish Ghevar

Rajasthani Sweet Dish Ghevar | Image Resource : 1.bp.blogspot.com

Among all the dishes that I tried out my personal favourite was a Rajasthani sweet dish called Ghevar. This delicacy is made with flour, ghee and khewra and there are many different ways to make it. I was lucky enough to visit Jaipur during the Teej festival. This festival gave me the opportunity to sample most of the traditional Rajasthani dishes! The entire experience was unique and had me wondering when I can come back to Jaipur again!