Jakhu Temple Shimla – The Abode of Monkeys!

After a 12 hour journey from Delhi we finally reached Shimla early in the morning, at 6 am. We all were very exhausted and sleepy after a long journey. As the hotel was already booked online, we reached the hotel and checked in to our room. We liked the room we were allotted and got refreshed. After a sumptuous breakfast we had few hours sleep and then woke up at 10 am. Finding that the  Jakhu Temple Shimla was located about 3 km from the hotel, we decided to go to the temple as I had read a lot about the temple and was interested to visit it. Taking a taxi we reached the Ridge.

Jakhu Temple Shimla

Jakhu Temple Shimla I Image Resource : flickr.com

The temple is located on top of the Jakhu Hill and is dedicated to the Monkey God, Hanuman. It is about 2.5 km from the Ridge. There are taxis available to take you to the temple from the foot of the hill or you can walk to the temple. Ponies are also available for the ride to the temple. Though a female in forties, I decided to walk to the temple. There was a narrow road with directions to lead visitors to the temple. A few other tourists were also walking on the road. As we trudged along, the surroundings became more and more spectacular. The natural beauty of the place was really mesmerizing and breathtaking. We took many photographs of the surroundings.

Jakhu Temple Monkeys

Jakhu Temple Monkeys I Image Resource : flickr.com

As we ascended the road, we could see monkeys running here and there to the excitement of the children. One of them came close to us and took the peanuts that I offered. They  led us on as if welcoming us to the temple. At the entrance also there were many monkeys. The temple was small, but there was an imposing statue of Lord Hanuman. From the top of the hill we had a fantastic view of the Shivalik ranges and the Sanjauli. After offering prayers at the temple, we started descending but not before we gave some eatables to the group of monkeys following us. The visit to Jakhu Temple Shimla rejuvenated our mind and soul and we reached the hotel happy and contented.

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