Enjoy The Highlights Of Jaipur – Johri Bazar, Arts & Crafts Of Jaipur!


Jaipur | Image Resource : styleinked.files.wordpress.com

My name is Anisha Goel and I am forever busy juggling with a home with two naughty kids and a profession which gives me all the headaches a professor undergoes in a prestigious University! I have a great passion for travelling and exploring new locations but unfortunately this passion is not shared by my teenage kids. So I decided to make the most of our family vacation and plan something which all of us can enjoy. I booked a trip to Jaipur! The trip was carefully planned out and much enjoyed by everyone in my family! At first I assumed that travelling with family would be too expensive but once I checked the prices of everything I felt relieved!

Johri Bazar Jaipur

Johri Bazar Jaipur | Image Resource : flickr.com

The hotel we stayed at had a great view of the city and the surrounding scenery. Every morning I would wake up to the sight of the Aravalli ranges looming over the city while the sun peeked out from behind them. It made for a truly great start to every day! The rest of the day would go into visiting all the major tourist spots in the city. The highlight of Jaipur is the Johri Bazar. This bazar is easy to find and it is most famous for Rajasthani jewels and also for intricately designed sarees and lehangas something which my daughter greatly enjoyed buying in bulk!

Arts and crafts of Jaipur

Arts and crafts of Jaipur | Image Resource : gujaratsamachar.com

Another highlight of our trip to Jaipur was the Arts and crafts of Jaipur. The city is popular for Block print art, miniature paintings, marble handicraft and much more. I wanted to further my knowledge and learn literature and so on the final day of my trip I set out to find a book store. Here I found many vintage books that I bought for my journey back home. I even purchased a beautiful notepad to take down a few recipes from the traditional Rajasthani cuisine. These dishes have put a spell on my family and had them planning a return trip to Jaipur long before we even made it back home!