Planning a Trip in Ratnaghara Gaya

After reaching Gaya, we visited the Barbara caves first. Gaya is considered as the second largest city in Bihar and it is a very pious place. It is one of the best tourist attractions of the state. We had to travel 100km south from Patna in order to reach Gaya. The city is extremely beautiful and it is situated on the banks of the river of Phalgu. This city is full of tourist attractions. Not only it has an amazing surrounding but also age old buildings prevail in this area. After reaching Gaya, we visited the Barbara caves first. On the second day of our stay in Gaya, we visited the Ratnaghara Gaya.

Ratnaghara Gaya

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Bihar is well known for the Buddhist temples present there. It is often referred to as the land of Buddha. There are many attractions in the city of Gaya. One of the famous attractions of the people is Ratnaghara Gaya. We reached there by road. We halted in a hotel called Hotel Prince. This place is spiritually very significant. Gautama Buddha performed meditation for seven weeks around various locations in Bihar. Ratnaghara is one such famous destination. In Ratnaghara, there is a very charming and one roofless temple. In any one of those seven weeks of meditation, Indradev and Lord Buddha together, created an outstanding hall with had seven important elements that were required by Lord Buddha to meditate. It is said that while Lord Buddha was meditating, he emitted lights of five colours. This place is well noted in history also.

We did not have any problem with accommodation here. There are many hotels present in the surroundings. It depends on your budget that which hotel you will choose. There are five star hotels like Taj Darbar hotel and Tokyo Vihar hotel. The best time you can visit this place is during the winter. It is a very pleasurable climate in Gaya during winter. So I relished this climate with my family a lot. You can also find cheaper hotels. There are many modes of communication. The nearest airport to go back home is the Gaya airport. Once you are in Bihar, you must not miss Ratnaghara Gaya. After we completed this trip, the next day we planned to go to Patna again.