Travel from Delhi to Shimla by City and Travels Volvo Bus Service Is Really Fun!

In this post, I would like to talk about my vacation in Shimla. I love travelling with my family, spending time exploring new places, meeting people and learning their cultures and traditions, and enjoying the local food and cuisines. I have visited many places, travelling with my kids and husband. As you know, during winters schools go on vacation, we planned a family vacation to Shimla this winter. After a bit of research and planning, I hit on a budget travel package that offered all the services at reasonable rates. I booked the travel from Delhi to Shimla by City and Travels Volvo Bus Service. Being a nature lover, I really looked forward to our trip and visit to Shimla.

Volvo Bus

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As everyone accepts it, travelling with kids always requires extra snacks and other food items. So I packed a few chocolates, cool drinks and the favorite snacks of my kids. Packing was easy as my kids were old enough to pack their own bags and also help me in my packing. The accommodation was arranged by the tour operators and I browsed through the internet looking for important tourist places in Shimla.

We reached on time to board the bus and the kids were happy to get the window seats. A 20-year-old female came and sat beside me, holding on to her mobile phone and talking urgently to somebody. After a while she kept back the phone and smiled at me. As the bus started, we were busy talking to each other. An interesting film was put on to keep the travelers engaged, but I preferred reading one of my favourite Vintage books rather than watching the film. So I took out my vintage book and was busy reading, oblivious to the surroundings. In between, my kids asked for snacks and water, which I asked them to get from the bag.

It took about 11 to 12 hours to reach Shimla, and the scenery viewed from the window was really spectacular. As soon as it was time to get down, everyone fished out their woolen jackets and sweaters, ready to enjoy the cool climate and breathe in the fresh mountain air.