Happy Republic Day

Republic Day

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As a professor, I make sure that my students are performing and participating in the republic day events. It is very essential for the youth of today to understand why the day is important and how the constitution came into existence. It has helped India grow culturally as well as economically.

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mothers Day

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The greatest joy of living in this deceitful world is being a super mom for two little angles sent from heaven and also being a fortunate daughter who was raised from the bosom of the most remarkable lady of my life. Wishing all the striving and deserving moms out there, on Mother’s Day everyday is a mission for us to accomplish from poetry competitions, school projects, husband’s lost tie and keys to work indoors and out!! very proud to be one myself.

Happy Republic Day 2015

Happy Republic Day 2015

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Description : National Days ignites the patriotic feeling in us and like the saying ‘United we stand, divided we fall’, let this Republic Day bring us together to strengthen our nation and help us touch great heights. Jai Hind! Three cheers to our Motherland! lets value the day we won our freedom and let the magic wand make our country shine amongst the top nations of the world!

May You Have A Prosperous New Year!

Happy New Year

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Description : Rather than making New Year resolutions, let us look back and evaluate our 2014, all the joy, sorrow, accomplishments, regards. Learn from your mistakes and grow. Help others, be kind and value your relationships and help the society. Let us create a better tomorrow, let us “try” to be a better person in 2014.