Heritage Museum Shimla – A Glimpse into the Past!

After the visit to the church we went back to our hotel having finished with the tour for the day. We had an early dinner, watched the TV for some time and then went off to sleep, tired after all the travelling. The next day we had plans to visit Heritage Museum Shimla located at Annadale Road. Visiting heritage places is the best way to teach our kids the heritage and culture of India. The museum is open for the public from 10 am to 8 pm. It gives one an idea about the heritage building constructed by the British when they ruled India

Heritage Museum Shimla

Heritage Museum Shimla I Image Resource : blogspot.com

It was our third day in Shimla and the visit was really a memorable one. The museum was in the 120-year old building of US Club, which underwent renovations recently but was preserved in its originality. At the entrance, you are offered a brief history of Shimla and the US Club. It was a one room museum and on the hall we were amazed to see a number of huge portraits presenting pictures of Viceregal Lodge, Railway Board, Barnes Court, Gaiety Theatre, Town Hall, Vidhan Sabha, etc. Below these old sketches you can see their present day pictures in color.

The Gaiety theatre was built in 1887 and was the main center of entertainment for the British in India. The General Post Office was built in 1882 and is the oldest in North India. The Viceral Lodge is now tuned into the Indian Institute of Advanced Study. The town hall was built in 1880 and reflects the European style of architecture. You also find the portrait of Christ Church and Gorton Castle here. Looking at all these portraits you feel like you have gone back in history. It gives you an idea about the glorious past of India and the royal way in which the British lived in India. We spent about an hour going through the wonderful portraits and learning the about it.

We enjoyed the visit to Heritage Museum Shimla and came back learning a few things about the history of Shimla, and with it India.