Fall In Love With Nature At The Samode Bagh (Garden) In Rajasthan!

I am Anisha Goel and currently working as a professor at a university. Between my job and taking care of my family I found that I have no time for myself or time to enjoy anything at all! So this time around when it was vacation time I decided to visit Rajasthan! There were many places in Rajasthan where I could have spent my family vacation but my tight budget meant that I had to pick my destination wisely. After much research I decided to visit the Samode Bagh (Garden) in Rajasthan. As a nature lover I could not have picked a better place to visit this vacation time!

Samode Bagh (Garden)

Samode Bagh (Garden) | Image Source : flickr.com

During my visit I stayed at the Samode Palace which has long since been renovated to become a classy hotel. The rooms at the Palace had all the materials to accommodate my kids and their tantrums making travelling with my family easier. The room also offered a great view of the Mughal styled garden. I greatly enjoyed just taking a slow walk in the Samode Bagh (Garden) Rajasthan. One can observe how the culture of the Rajasthani people is reflected in the garden.

Samode Palace

Samode Palace | Image Resource : filmapia.com

There were many moments throughout my vacation where I found some time to myself. At times like this, I preferred reading a good vintage book in my room rather than spend my time watching the movies my kids were enjoying. These books taught me the culture and tradition of this beautiful city and its glorious past!

Rajasthani Cuisine

Rajasthani Cuisine | Image Source : pimp-my-pizza.co.uk

And every evening, I spent with my boisterous family at the hotel’s restaurant and enjoyed a delicious and sumptuous meal that does justice to the local cuisine. The food and the beauty of the gardens are reasons enough to go back to Rajasthan every year! So make sure you give it a try as well!