Top 15 Hotels in Goa

Goa has remained a top tourist destination since times immemorial. It has attracted tourists from around the world because of its unique nightlife, impressive beaches, rich cuisine and flawless scenic beauty. Every bachelor aspires to visit Goa at least once to have fun and freak out with friends and to make the best of bachelorhood.

Today, planning a trip to Goa without proper forethought would be really foolish. Research a bit and find out which are the Top Hotels in Goa before you venture for that dream trip to this paradise of beaches, babes and beer.

Here we have put forth a well researched list of the top hotels in Goa based on the popular likings, certain key facilities and proximity to certain prominent beaches. Read along and decide where you plan to stay during your next visit to Goa:

  • Acron Waterfront Resort
  • Oyo Premium
  • Ramada Caravela Beach Resort
  • Club Mahindra Emerald Palms
  • Living Room By Seasons
  • The Fern Gardenia Resort
  • La Cabana Beach Resort
  • Planet Hollywood Beach Resort
  • The Leela Goa
  • The Fern Beira Mar Resort
  • The Acacia Hotel and Spa Goa
  • The Baga Beach Resort
  • Grand Hyatt Goa
  • 16 Degrees North
  • Ozran Heights Beach Resort

Travel Quote of the Week

Travel Quote

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We often mistake the word luxury with materialistic things. However, luxury is the combination of us experiencing leisure in a peaceful environment whilst we forget our daily troubles. True luxury can be experienced in the arms of a loved one or it can be experienced in the bounty of nature.

Make Your Heart Dance with Thrill And Joy: Adventure Island Amusement Park!

Adventure Island Amusement Park

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Adventure Island Amusement Park – The Adventure Island Amusement Park at Rohini in Delhi is a combination of retail shops, thrilling rides and great eateries. I took my nephew and my parents to the place on a Sunday. Each of us had a great time as my son had his fill of amusement rides and water rides like Splash Dunk and Rain Dance while I could shop to my heart’s content at the Metro Walk. My parents relaxed by the serene lagoon on the side.

Turn Your Vacation To Historical Trip By Visiting Museums In Delhi!

Hello guys, I am Anisha Goel here with my new piece of write up. As my students know me, I am an ideal professor. But I have another side where I am a travel buff and I love travelling with my family. I feel travelling can create precious memories and one can learn a lot while exploring important places.

Delhi is waiting!

It is winter and a lot of people love to visit my city, which is Delhi. So, here I am with some interesting places where you can enjoy. I love Delhi, not because it is my home town but also because it stores a great volume of history in itself. When you are coming to Delhi, then the historical places like monuments and museums in Delhi should not be missed.

Delhi Tourism

Delhi Tourism | Image Resource :

I have been to every single monument and museum in the capital, so I am here to guide you with some simple yet important tips. Delhi has been an important place right from the ancient era, and has been and is being ruled by a lot of parties. Some of the most important historical museums which are to be visited are Tibet house museum, National museum of natural history, Zakir Hussain memorial trust, Nehru museum and planetarium, and the list is pretty lengthy.

Interesting museums in Delhi

Let me brief you about some important museums so that you gain interest and do not miss the opportunity of visiting them while in Delhi. The first one is my favourite, which is Tibet House Museum. It is located in Lodhi road, and portrays the art and culture of Tibet region. There are currency notes, library, handicrafts, musical instruments and lots more here from Tibet. Make note of timings which are 9.30am to 5.30 pm, and open from Monday to Friday.

Tibet House Museum Delhi

Tibet House Museum Delhi | Image Resource :

Tibet House Museum Interiors

Tibet House Museum Interiors | Image Resource :

Next is Natural Museum of Natural History which is situated in Tansen Marg. I always recommend my friends to visit the place which has been storing amazing elements right from 1978. The museum is open on all days except Monday and other national holidays, and the timings are 10 am to 5 pm.

Natural Museum of Natural History

Natural Museum of Natural History | Image Resource :

Some other important museums that have to be visited in Delhi are- Gandhi Museum, Craft Museum, Sangeet Natak Academy, Ghalib museum and Library, and many more. Don’t miss the wonderful opportunity to more about our history when in the capital city!


Some Of The Most Exciting Things To Do In Ahmedabad

Since my teenage days, I have been quite fond of Gujarati culture; mainly because of its Garba dance. With the purpose to explore more about the former capital of the state Gujarat, 2 years ago I went to Ahmedabad.

Gujarati Culture

Gujarati Culture | Image Resource :,

I was accompanied with my hubby and two kids, and we went on exploring the beauty of this wonderful city which is situated on the banks of the mesmerizing Sabarmati River. Being the sixth largest city in India, I did expect it to be quite huge.

Sabarmati Riverfront Ahmedabad

Sabarmati Riverfront Ahmedabad | Image Resource :

From the broad roads to the tall buildings, everything about this new face of Gujarat was fascinating for me as well as for my husband. But, there were more things to do in Ahmedabad city. During our trip to Ahmedabad, we went to the below mentioned hot spots. They are the must visit places in Ahmedabad I say.

Sabarmati Skyline Tour – If you are an adventure seeker then this is the must check out thing in Ahmedabad. It is a zipline crossing that allows you to experience the thrill of crossing the river at high speeds. This is one of the best things to do in Ahmedabad.

Sabarmati Skyline Tour

Sabarmati Skyline Tour | Image Resource : tripadvisor. com

Akshardham Temple – Located 25 Kms from Ahmedabad, this temple is perhaps one of the most beautiful structures I had ever come across. The massiveness of this monument had definitely left me in a state of awe. If you want to witness the marvel of today’s Indian architecture, this is the place to visit.

Science City Ahmedabad – Also known as the Gujarat Science City, this place was exciting particularly for my two kids. If you have kids and want to show them the different elements of science and nature then you must bring them to this hot spot.

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Shanku’s water park – My husband and my two kids are quite fond of water parks. Hence, visiting this amazingly cool place was an obvious decision. However, it was located almost 60 kms from the city.

Law garden night market – Woman and shopping cannot be separated. When I had visited this highly vibrant night market in Ahmedabad, I simply went crazy and purchased some really colorful and beautiful Gujarati attires for myself and my family.

Law garden night market

Law garden night market | Image Resource :,

The Churchill War Room – Remembering the Greatest Briton of All Times

War and heroism have always gone hand in hand, wars have created figures which have risen beyond ordinary fame and left legacies which are motivation for an entire nation of people. Winston Churchill the 2 time British Prime Minister, scholar and a Nobel Laureate in English Literature, fondly remembered as one of the most influential men of the 20th century.

Churchill War Rooms

Churchill War Rooms | Image Resource :

Winston Churchill was much more than a war time Prime Minister, he was a man who inspired an entire nation and brought it together to fight not for its own sake but for the principles it stood for. The Battle of Britain was the battle for democracy and Churchill believed that there was absolutely no cost too much for this fundamental freedom. His speeches were among the most inspirational speeches delivered ever and have inspired several generations of citizens of the free world.

The Churchill War Rooms is a museum located in central London and since 1984 has been managed by the Imperial War Museum. The Churchill War Rooms are one of the five centers of historic relevance managed by the Imperial Museum. The Churchill War Rooms are also known by their actual name, the Cabinet War Rooms and were operational since 1939.

Cabinet War Rooms

Cabinet War Rooms | Image Resource :

The Churchill War Rooms is a large museum of which the Cabinet War Rooms is an integral part, this historic complex built underground in the basement of the Treasury Building in the New Government Offices is located in Westminster.

It fundamentally housed the most important British government command centre during the entire duration of the Second World War remaining open 24 hrs and around the year for over 6 years till 1945. The Museum also includes the Churchill Museum exclusively dedicated as a biographical museum which depicts and explores the life of the greatest Briton of All Times.

Biographical Museum

Biographical Museum | Image Resource :

After the war the cabinet war rooms remained abandoned for several years and later on identification of their immense historic value the Cabinet War Rooms were recognized and national heritage sites. Until 1984 the Ministry of Works had maintained the site but public access except for a few visits to journalists was not open till 1984. After a long effort in the early 1980s by the famous Imperial War Museum, the institution was able to gain administration of the War Rooms site and converted it into a museum dedicated to the life and work of Churchill.

It was redeveloped and opened again in 2005 in its present form. I find myself extremely fortunate to have had a chance to explore the life and times of a great man like Sir Winston Churchill.

Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill | Image Resource :

The Buckingham Palace – Witnessing the Grandeur of the British Monarchy

Britain is the world’s oldest democracy and is being ruled under the name of a single family lineage for over 1000 years now. The rich history of the British Monarchy is illustrated in the various architectural phases and eras of the empire. Several castles and forts built around the city have become the showcases of British Art and architecture.

These castles and palaces are visited by thousands of tourists from around the world every year. They not only preserve the rich history of various eras but are also house some of the best collections of art, antiques and memorabilia. As a teacher I am quite enthusiastic about exploring the nuances of world history and European History is by far one of my favorite areas. I was also happy to see my kinds taking a deep interest in British History all through this trip.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace | Image Resource :

Whenever a mention of palaces and forts in Britain comes up the first name that pops up in any one’s mind is the Buckingham palace which is located in heart of London close to the Constitution Hill. It is also the official workplace and the London residence of the monarch of the United Kingdom. Currently it houses Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II. It is actually located in the City of Westminster; the palace serves as the hosting place for most visiting Heads of States and also as an important centre for national and internationally important ceremonies.

The Buckingham Palace is named so because it was initially built and owned by the First Duke of Buckingham and Normanby it was bought and  the year 1700. Later it was bought and acquired by King George III as a private residence for his wife the Queen Charlotte in the year 1761. It has been remodeled and redeveloped on several occasions over the years most recognizably in the 19th century by famed architects Edward Blore and John Nash.

Buckingham Palace Interiors

Buckingham Palace Interiors | Image Resource :

The Buckingham Palace is open for the Public during August and September after the ceremonial Summer Opening which is attended by thousands of tourists. The last major reform occurred during the early twentieth century after Buckingham Palace became the official residence of Queen Victoria. The iconic East Front and Garden were built during this remodeling. The Garden of Buckingham Palace also on the East Facade is the largest privately owned garden in Britain.