Durgiana Temple Amritsar : Durga Mata Ki Jai!

After returning from work at the University sitting on the bed, I was lost in thought while folding the laundry which took a long time.  It was a routine for a 40 year old mother of two who is learning literature besides being a Professor.  As I put away the neatly stacked clothes into the linen closet, I glanced at the calendar to check the holidays. Every summer I plan a family vacation as it gives me much joy and quality time together.  My love for travelling with family and my passion for nature as a nature lover, urges me to go on a holiday. With careful planning I pen down a budget travel. I like to explore different culture and traditions.

I decided our family should pay a visit to Amritsar’s Durgiana Temple along with visiting the Golden Temple. This temple is situated a few yards away from the railway station and barely 2 km from the bus stand. So I booked an economic hotel close to the railway station to make commuting easy. Durgiana Temple is a Hindu temple near Lohrah Gate and is similar to the Golden Temple. The name Durgania is derived from Goddess Durga.  It’s known as the silver temple as its doors are carved in silver. People from all over the globe flock to this temple as it is supposed to be the epicenter of Hindu renaissance and rejuvenation. The temple complex has the following temples – Lakshmi Narayan Mandir, Sitla Mata Mandir, Bada Hanuman Mandir, Tulsi Das Mandir and Sat Narayan Mandir.

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Amritsar is a foodie’s paradise! There are many places to explore and lots of road-side joints which gives one the taste of local food and cuisine.. The Amritsar fish melted in my mouth and the kulchas were superb. Mouth watering chole Bature and panner bhurji with poori and oh! the hot samosas and Kachoris were divine. I licked my lips after a lovely glass of lassi. Many of these joints go without a name but the food has a name and taste that will linger long. A fulfilled female was I, as our family took the return journey. With a vintage book for company and the window seat I was lost in time.