Sarson Da Saag & Makki Di Roti At Punjabi Dhaba : A Punjabi Platter With The Goodness Of Ghee!

I have a passion for travelling and visiting new places. In my quest to find some delicious recipes I understand every place has its unique flavour, masala and style of cooking. I find the culture, cuisine and lifestyle of India very interesting. I would like to talk about Punjabi Dhaba and some interesting recipes that I have picked up from the locals. So, I planned a family vacation to Punjab. With a budget to travel, I carefully etched out a to-do list while travelling with family. A 40 plus female, besides teaching, am learning literature too.

Punjabi Dhaba

Punjabi Dhaba I Image Resource :

The Punjabi Dhaba is owned by a Punjabi and is a roadside eatery a very common feature on the national highway. It caters to the needs of truckers supplying a clean, wholesome and hot local food. Their service is 24/7. Today eating at a Dhaba is a trend. The rustic flavours of food are served on a large brass thali or plate. Water, milk or lassi is served in a tall brass glass. I was travelling with kids and I wanted them to try the cuisine at Punjabi Dhaba. After a chat with the owner of the Dhaba, I make my entry into the kitchen. It was too hot in here, the aroma of spices filled the air, men were busy kneading flour, chopping, frying, plating up the food all in no time.

Sarson Da Saag & Makki Di Roti

Sarson Da Saag & Makki Di Roti I Image Resource :

Sarson ka saag is luscious green gravy made out of mustard seeds, cooked with masala and seasoned in oil. It is accompanied with corn bread. Makki di roti is made with maize flour, a little maida, oil and salt. All these ingredients are kneaded sprinkling water, flattened with the palm and rolled into a thin roti. It is placed on a heavy iron griddle and covered with a drizzle of ghee or butter. Both the dishes complement each other and leave you asking for more! Do try them. These are culinary delights and a typical Punjabi meal.. I could sit here with a vintage book in hand, relish these dishes, enjoying the scenic beauty for hours together as I am a nature lover.

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