Akal Takht Amritsar : A Sikh’s Seat of Authority!

On a break from my profession as a Professor in a prestigious university, I Anisha Goel surfed the internet for a quick getaway. Assuming it would be expensive I searched for economic budget travel to accommodate expenses of travelling with family.  At forty I like to travel through India a land with rich culture, heritage and cuisine. Besides learning literature, teaching and managing two teenage children. I am a nature lover who finds beauty in everything God has created. I am intrigued at the detail, colour and fashion of tiny insects to majestic lions, the blooming flowers, the sands of the sea and of course the whole mankind!

Akal Takht Amritsar

Akal Takht Amritsar | Image Resource : wikipedia.org

A family vacation to Akal Takht in Amritsar was on the cards. I cooked sufficient food and baked some goodies for the train journey. While the wind blew across my face, I reached for my vintage book and began reading it munching on some crisp snack. There were salesmen, people seeking alms and the chai walas all trying to make money on the train. I learnt from an elderly Sikh gentleman that in the Sikh system, God is postulated as formless yet is referred to as the True King. There are five Sikh religious seats of authority and Akal Takht is one of them. It also serves as the central seat for Sikh political assembly.

Harmindir Sahib Complex

Harmindir Sahib Complex | Image Resource : staticflickr.com

Located close to the Golden Temple in the Harmindir Sahib Complex is Akal Takht meaning ‘Throne of the Immortal.’ It is here that cases connected to serious religious offences committed by Sikhs are heard and decided. A Hakuamnamas or decree is issued by the Akal Takht and is applicable to all Sikhs.

Presently, Akal Takht is a 5-storey modern structure, adorned with marble and a gold-leafed dome. Photographs for keepsake are a necessity while travelling with kids. While exploring the city, we got to taste the local cuisine comprising of Amritsari fish, Channa Bature, and the lovely Kesar wali lassi. We even parcelled some Kachoris for our return journey. Akal Takht looks simple yet is a prominent seat for the Sikhs.