Visiting the Sidhdata Temple Faridabad, Haryana

Our next destination was the Sidhdata Temple Faridabad, Haryana. I had heard a lot about the temple from my colleagues in the university and was pretty excited for finally getting the opportunity to visit the place. From the Anandpur Sahib we had hired a car for reaching the Sidhata Temple. We had to travel for approximately 6 hours. We were actually spellbound when we came near the temple and it was like a dream come true for me. The structure of the temple was huge and the architecture and the planning added to its beauty. We had to open our shoes outside before entering the temple. The inside portion of the temple was even more beautiful than the outside. The temple had a calm and quiet environment without any kind of unnecessary chaos which was common other temples of India.

It was an old temple built in the 17th century by the Sikh gurus. I came to know from the locals that it was one of the oldest temples in the country. We could spot thousands of devotees and foreign tourists who had visited the temple for giving prayers. The structure, holiness and silence made us feel as if we entered heaven. Bhog was also offered to us and it was extremely delicious. We were blessed by the highest rank gurus in the temple. The calm and quiet nature of the place gave me immense pleasure. I could also learn a way to get rid of all the tiredness of my body and mind. We moved to different corners of the temple and had a great time. I saw many children begging near the entry to the temple and felt a bit sad about their condition. We stayed in the Sidhdata Temple Faridabad, Haryana for nearly 4 hours and gave some donations to the temple authority. The temple was devoid of any kind of noise of the bells and chants which were extremely common in other Indian temples. After exploring this temple, it was time for our next destination which was the town park located nearby.


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