Mahendragarh Fort, Haryana and its ancient beliefs

Mahendragarh, earlier known as Kanaud, is located in the north of Haryana and was formed as a district in the year of 1948 by grouping of princely states like Dadri from Jind State, Mahendragarh tehsils from Patiala State and a small portion of Bawal Nizamat from Nabha State. It took the name of Kanaud from the Brahmins’ Kanaudia group which was founded by Malik Mahmud Khan, who was Babur’s servant and was initially inhabited by the Brahmins. I knew that the Mahendragarh Fort, Haryana was one of the famous tourist spots in this town.

Mahendragarh Fort Haryana

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After knowing about the Fort on the way from Faridabad we could not stop ourselves to visit the place as early as possible. The Fort was very old and was constructed by Tantia Tope, a Marath ruler in the period of the 17th century and later on Mahendragarh was the name of the place which was kept by Narinder Singh who was the ruler of Patiala in 1861 AD. The name Mahendragarh was kept in honor of his son, Mohinder Singh. The Fort reflected the aristocratic lifestyle of the Emperors of seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. It was a remarkable example of ancient and historical monument of India. India is treasured with so many heritages and legends that it is an endless journey to visit all the places. Mahendragarh had a place called Sehlong which carried a religious belief in a ’Mela’ which was held in the memory of “Khimag Devta”. We were extremely fortunate as we had visited the place at a time when the mela was held with great pomp and show. The belief was, if a person suffering from leprosy lights up a lamp in front of the idol, his disease was cured easily. Likewise, Mandola was also a place nearby which was famous for a saint named as Baba Kesaria in whose memory a fair was held in the month of September. The belief was that if a person visited that place at the time of fair , he or she would be cured of snakebite.

After learning about the history and beliefs of the Mahendragarh Fort, Haryana the culture of India is depicted in a very unique way. It was enough for the fort as the Maqbara was waiting for us and we had to travel a lot.