The Largest Cattle Fair of Asia, Sonepur Mela Patna

Sonepur Mela Patna

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After visiting IIT, we came back to the hotel o rest a bit. Next morning we left for Sonepur. Sonepur is a small town in northern Bihar which is in the district of Saran. The famous attraction of this place is the fair or the mela it organises during the month of November. According to the Hindu months, it is organised during the month of Karthik. The fair is held at the banks of the river Ganga in Sonepur. This place is situated almost 25 km away from the city of Patna. The fair starts from the day of Karthik purnima. It attracts visitors from all over central Asia. This is also known as the Harihar Ksetra mela or the Sonepur cattle fair. According to statistics, Sonepur mela Patna the biggest cattle fair in Asia and its span extends up to even a month. The main thing we saw here is the sight of those large elephants that are beautifully decorated and then kept for sale. There are also a number of horses present in the fair. Other attractions of this fair include the folk shows and games.

After completing the trip of Indian institute of Technology in Patna, we took an evening break. Next morning just after breakfast, we booked a car and headed towards Sonepur. We have already heard of how astonishing is the cattle fair of Sonepur. In order to experience the beauty and pleasure we left early in the morning. Sonepur is extremely sleepy little town. This fair commemorates harihar nath. There are many stalls in the fair. If you are a photographer, you can click some amazing photographs out here.

It is not necessary for you to take a halt in Sonepur. You do not have many places for accommodations in that small town. What we did is that we visited the Sonepur mela Patna and left for Patna around 4pm in the evening. After that we reached Patna and we halted there only. If you visit Bihar during the month of November, you must surely visit this fair. After you return to Patna, next thing you can do early morning is to visit the Patna museum or the Jadu Ghar, just like the way we did.

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