Maner ka laddoo

Recently, we all visited Patna and had a nice vacation; my kids loved maner ka ladoo and willing to have it now again. So this weekend, I decided to make these ladoo. Called up my mom asked her for her special recipe and started my Sunday morning making ladoo for my naughty one’s. 

Maner Ladoo most popular sweet in Patna. These are the very own ‘motichoor ka ladoo’ made from pure ghee. Some places called Boondi ka ladoo / maner/moti choor. All is same!

Preparing these tasty ladoo, let us begin with first keeping all ingredients handy.

  • Ghee – 500 gm (Frying)
  • Besan -150gm
  • Sugar – 150gm
  • Water- 60ml
  • Elaichi (Cardamoms) – 5gm
  • Pistas without cover – 15 gm
  • Ghee to mix – 30gm
Maner ka laddoo

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Making and Frying Boondi

Take a deep bowl, add Besan, baking soda and water. Mix all three and make a thick Besan batter. Now heat the ghee in a deep frying pan, drop the batter via a pierced spoon, and fry for 2 mins.

Making the Sugar Syrup

Take water and sugar in a pan, and heat it for two minutes make sure you keep stirring it. Once syrup gains a consistency put fried Boondi into the syrup. Add the dry fruits and mix all.

Making the balls (ladoo)

Take the warm mixture in hand and start binding; ensure the mix is binded when semi hot. Cooling will make binding very difficult. The sweet is ready.

You can decorate with kesar and pista flakes and serve it . Hope you all enjoy making this Bihari cuisine do ping me your valuable suggestions.