My Travel from Delhi to Ambala City via DLI FKA Express was Superb

Apart from this teaching habit of mine which I use to earn money, I have a great passion for travelling, visiting new places, meeting new people of different cultural backgrounds. Most of the time I am in the university teaching and yelling at my students, checking their answer scripts, etc. But during every winter I take a break from my daily routine (or as I would call it a hectic schedule) and go on a holiday trip to various places in India or sometimes abroad.

DLI FKA Express

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My husband and son always wait for this time of the year to accompany me on my trips. This winter, our budget was not that high so we could not afford an exotic holiday location in the country or abroad, so we decided to go to the Ambala City. I was not very glad at this decision as the city had nothing special that could interest me, but as time progressed I realized that I was wrong. We decided to go by train and so my colleagues referred the DLI FKA Express. My travel from Delhi (DLI) to Ambala City (UBC) via DLI FKA Express was good as the train was fast and arrived at the destination on time.

In my opinion, every place has its own unique feature, culture, cuisines and last but not the least the lifestyle, which interests me a lot. I love to observe these things thoroughly. I have always been a foodie myself and no matter wherever I go, I pick up recipes from the locals and then try out them at home, which sometimes succeed and sometimes do not. But that does not stop my experiment from going on.

On the day of the journey we boarded the train at 2:30 in the afternoon and reached the Ambala City station at 6:25 in the evening. My travel from Delhi (DLI) to Ambala City (UBC) via DLI FKA Express had duration of 4 hours 5mins and we crossed nearly 10 to 11 stations before reaching the destination. After reaching the station I looked forward to wonderful days ahead in Ambala city.