The Memorable Train Travel From Delhi To Punjab By Amritsar Express!

I Anisha Goel, am a professor and I love my work and I find interacting with the students really enjoyable. In fact, my profession and passion is one and the same and I really get carried away when I am in the class with my students and often forget that I am a middle aged lady of 40 years! I become one with them and take part in all the fun and frolic that the students enjoy. When the vacation time came, we all planned to enjoy it together and we booked a full compartment for all the students in my class. We planned our travel from Delhi to Punjab and booked our tickets in Amritsar Express.

Amritsar Express

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From the very moment we booked our tickets, our anticipation of the travel and the arrangements for the travel started in full force! The minute we got free, we were planning on the things we would do on the train to make each moment memorable. Finally the day dawned and we were all assembled in the railway station to catch the train, which was supposed to be right on schedule . We were also glad that Amritsar Express had a good food car that served very tasty food and we were all game to enjoy the snacks and hot tea! The seats were all in good condition and what took us by surprise was that the interiors were very clean and well maintained with good seats. The fan too was in good condition and we were all well settled to enjoy our travel with great fanfare and bonhomie.


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I took care to see that the students were well settled and were comfortable in their seats and along with their friends and gave them a warning not to create a big ruckus as the name of our University will be put to shame by our unruly behavior. Of course, as expected this warning was not paid any heed and they started their games and song and dance with loud noises and whistles by the boys! In short, the train travel from Delhi to Punjab by Amritsar Express was indeed a memorable journey that I will never forget in my lifetime!