Photo of the Week : Phoenix Market City Mumbai

Phoenix Market City Mumbai

Phoenix Market City Mumbai | Image Resource :

Phoenix Market City Mumbai – This brilliant mall is one of the largest in the city. You would need an entire day to walk in and out of the variety of international stores. The snow world was a nice addition and many kids find joy in the artificial dome of snow! The cinemas and the food court are well maintained and need credible mention without a doubt!

Photo Of The Week : DB City Mall Bhopal

DB City Mall Bhopal

DB City Mall Bhopal | Image Resource :

Description : Malls are fun! But the DB mall in Bhopal is a special treat! It is very well maintained and has many engaging activities for the children. It has a great vibe with all the new shops coming up and people are visiting in huge numbers! Totally a place I would hang out with my family on weekends!

Photo Of The Week : Law Garden Market Ahmedabad

Law Garden Market Ahmedabad

Law Garden Market Ahmedabad | Image Resource :

Description : If you are looking to shop for traditional clothes in Ahmedabad, then you must definitely check out Law Garden Night Market. Although, the fact is there is not much variety to choose from and you are offered with the same type of clothes. I would also recommend you to check out the National Handloom Corporation which is located nearby.