All Set to Visit Shimla!

Hey all my dear readers out there! Hope you all are doing well. I am more than excited to announce that we have planned to spend the upcoming winter break in Shimla! Yes, finally after months of planning, scheduling, and postponing, we are now all set to pack our bags and get the journey rolling.


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However, before boarding our trains, I have decided to take up a small research work that would indeed help me and of course, my kids, and hubby to spend an enjoyable winter break in Shimla. Thus for this reason, I am keen to learn more about the people, cuisine, culture, climate, flora and fauna and much more of Shimla.

Some of the useful information I collected during my study about Shimla goes like. Shimla is located in northern India. It is surrounded by Mandi and Kullu in the north, Uttarakhand in southeast, Kinnaur to the east and Solan along with Sirmaur to the south.

Being at a height, Shimla is predominantly cool in winters but moderately warm in summers. There is considerable rainfall during monsoons and most of the time the city receives great snowfall. That means, we will have to carry great deal of apt winter clothing for our trip!

The crowd in Shimla is cosmopolitan. People live in harmony and celebrate a variety of religious festivals and entertainment fests. The Shimla Summer Festival is held every year during peak tourist season and it is a great crowd puller. We are definitely rooting for it.

Hailing from a family of foodies, all four of us are “diehard gourmets.” Regardless of where we are holidaying or staying at, we make it a point to try all possible forms of local cuisine and Shimla would be no exception. Having heard about Pahari or Himachal Pradesh food so much, we are certainly not letting go of the unique experience of trying all those spicy and good food.

Apart from the local fare — dal, chawal, roti and sabzi, we are excited to taste the Sidu, patrode, steamed momos, Batt, Mandra, Mitha Saloona and khatti dal. There is also Mahni, Bhujju, Palda, Saag, chouck, beduan and Bhagjery. The special chutney of til is a fan favourite and I am personally looking to try it!

There is so much more to it. Make sure you check back when I return from the Shimla trip. Stick around!