Luscious Dish of London – Peach and Raspberry Custard Tart

Peach and Raspberry Custard Tart

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Peach and Raspberry Custard Tart – I had an opportunity to try out Peach and Raspberry Custard Tart for dessert after a meal. The aroma of the sweet peach and the luscious raspberries made my mouth water. It was a perfect dessert with sweet from the peach, sour from the raspberry, crunch from the tart base and creaminess from the custard.

Dish of of the Week – Deep Fried Mars Bar

Deep Fried Mars Bar

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I first got to taste this dish in the small café in the city. It was invented in Scotland and is made of a chocolate called Mars. It is generally fried in a batter used to fry meat and served with a dollop of ice cream. It tasted gooey and sugary which worked very well as a after – meal dessert!

Tempting Dish of London – Yorkshire Pudding

Yorkshire Pudding

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Description – On my trip to England I had an opportunity to taste the authentic Yorkshire pudding which was served with pork spare ribs. The pudding is very similar to pancakes with the ends browned. I could really taste the pudding as it had a flavor of its own and also added a charm to the pork dish.