Heading Into Holiday At Ajatsatru Hotel Gaya

We had finally arrived at Gaya and were excited to check out the local sights. The cold winter wind blew into our face as we headed off for our one minute walk to the Ajatsatru Hotel Gaya where we had planned to set up camp. We did not have much luggage although we had packed quite a lot of warm clothes. The hotel was a mere minute’s walk from the railway station and it took us three to get there, having to search for it a bit and also for a little camera action that my husband loves to do. He was clicking away at anything he could find as soon as we were out of the hassles of disembarking.

Ajatsatru Hotel Gaya

Ajatsatru Hotel Gaya I Image Resource : tripadvisor.com

The hotel had an average outer look despite being available on tight budgets. The rooms were moderately clean and our room luckily had a working geyser and we had an abundance of hot water to last through the freezing holiday. We freshened ourselves and headed down to the restaurant for some breakfast before we headed out for a little sightseeing. The restaurant was situated downstairs. They had an excellent choice for the menu and the food itself was better than what we hoped it would be.

The hotel has family rooms available which meant we could all stay together. The kids were eagerly looking forward to the day ahead. The town is a popular destination for religious enthusiasts owing to the several temples located in the town. It is also a popular junction on the way to Bodhgaya which is the official pilgrim destination. The prospects of all the sightseeing we had to do were unsettling and impatience was our foe. The service at Ajatsatru Hotel Gaya was somewhat poorer than expected but satisfactory. There were no specific problems besides the wait. By this time the clock had struck eleven in the morning and the freezing chill in the air was slowly ebbing away as the sun climbed higher into the clear sky. We had finished our momentary unpacking before heading out to breakfast.