My Train Travel From H Nizamuddin, Delhi to Mumbai Central by AG Kranti Rajdhani Express Was Smooth and Fun

I am a Professor in one of the reputed colleges of Delhi and need to stay focused on my job throughout the year. But the best thing in this kind of job is that you get vacations at different points of the year. I have always been an avid lover of travelling from my childhood. While I used to travel with my parents as a kid, I chose to travel with my friends during my college days and presently love to travel with my some family.

I have some peculiar likings which I love to fulfil especially when I am away from home. For instance, I generally maintain a healthy diet when I am at home. But whenever I visit different destinations, I bid goodbye to any kind of diet chart and devote my time in trying out new and exclusive food items. I shouldn’t say this but I am extremely good at cooking and keep my family always impressed with my culinary skills. Moreover, I generally love travelling by train as it enables me to have a spectacular view of everything that comes in the way. Additionally, it is still far cheaper than flights.

AG Kranti Rajdhani Express

AG Kranti Rajdhani Express | Image Resource :

It was time for the summer vacations and my kids were dying for a trip which would enable them to get refreshed after their exams. So we decided to travel to the major business hub of the country i.e. Mumbai. The New Delhi to Mumbai route can neither be classified as too long or too short. It is ideal for experiencing train journey in the best manner possible.

We chose to travel by the AG Kranti Rajdhani Express which would take around 18 hours to cover the New Delhi to Mumbai route. We boarded the train at around 4.30 in the evening. Since the journey was going to be a pretty long one, I had packed a lot of story books and magazines so that I could keep my children entertained. I had also packed some books related to cooking in order to increase my culinary skills. The AG Kranti Rajdhani Express reached Mumbai Central at around 10:15 in the morning the next day and we were a bit tired.

The Fun Begins: Malwa Express to Indore from NDLS.

Hi everyone. As the holidays approached I decided to go on another holiday trip with my family. This time we decided to visit Central India. Our unanimous choice was some city of Madhya Pradesh, so we decided to go to Indore. The entire planning part of travel was my area of concern so I booked tickets for AC upper class in Malwa express for our trip.  Malwa express is one of the best superfast trains on the New Delhi to Indore route. It starts from Jammu and reaches New Delhi at about 7 in the evening.

We left for the station at 5:30 pm from our home, because considering the evening traffic on Delhi roads and specially the time being a rush hour it would have taken time to reach the railway station. We had hired a cab in advance which dropped us at the New Delhi Railway station at 6:45 pm and by the time we entered the station we came to know through announcement that our train Malwa Express was standing on platform number 2. We checked in our coach and the train left New Delhi by 7:30 PM. Train journey in Indian railways is always an experience worth having. Kids were very excited for the train journey. They are always more interested in the journey part rather than reaching the destination.

New Delhi Railway Station

New Delhi Railway Station | Image Resource :

When the train reached Palwal station at around 8:30 PM we decided to have our dinner. For the train journey I had a light dinner packed for all of us. We had puri sabzi along with some papad and pickles. After the dinner, kids went back to continue with their games and we started chatting and planning about our trip. Luckily one of the fellow passengers on train was a local from Indore and he gave us some nice information on which places to visit in Indore.

When the train had reached Agra at 10 PM we were all slept and when we woke up in the morning the train was standing at the Bhopal platform. The train journey was a bit long as Indore is about 1000 kms from Delhi. However the train reached Indore on time at 12:30 PM which is a rare achievement by Indian railways specially by a train on New Delhi to Indore route. We got off the train and went towards the exit gate.

Malwa Express

Malwa Express | Image Resource :

Hundreds of taxi drivers approached us; we hired one of them to take us to our hotel which I had already booked in advance.

Train Travel from New Delhi to Bhopal By Bhopal Shatabdi Express – A Good Beginning of a Solace Journey

Being a professor, my work profile allows me to quest for knowledge every now and then. Putting my head inside the books and computer are the chores of my profession. Honestly, I enjoy it to the core. I never felt complaining when the question occurs for work stress. The reason behind it is my family vacations. It bequeaths me to rediscover and de-stress myself from all the worldly commitments. Travelling is something a sort of meditation for me. It always leaves me blissful. My ticket booking was made easy by rail booking app installed in my phone.

Walking out of New Delhi for a while provide me immense contentment, so as the train travel from New Delhi to Bhopal by Bhopal Shatabdi Express.

Bhopal Shatabdi Express

Bhopal Shatabdi Express | Image Resource :

It hardly takes 8 hours to reach Bhopal by the super-fast Shatabdi Express. And this time I planned to travel alone for my kids and husband are preoccupied with studies and work respectively. Travelling in the early morning is always dessert for me, which is generally served after a delicious meal. The sweetness was spellbinding. The explicit view of the sunrise from the station’s platform cannot be expressed in words. Having some sips of the tea, I got inside the train as it was about to depart. Soon major stopovers namely Mathura Junction, Agra, Gwalior and others passed on. The Shatabdi Express is a train all in one. From providing breakfast to mid-morning snacks it has everything to serve that lists my favorites.

Relishing delicious breakfast on the train seats and that with the menu of IRCTC is simply awesome. Unaware of the upcoming journey, I wanted to live my present moment to heartfelt on the express train. I knew it is going to rock my journey. I have the habit of carrying books while travelling. It relaxes me to the core. After certain hours of reading the destination arrived on time. As usual, Shatabdi Express presented its certificate of punctuality. That’s what I favor the most for this train.

So, the train travel from New Delhi to Bhopal by Bhopal Shatabdi Express proved to me satisfactory. Hopefully, I headed towards the platform end and looked for the cab to travel in the route of the Hotel Midland. Since the rooms were pre-booked online I took a sigh of relief.

Train Travel from Delhi to Ahmedabad by Ala Hazrat Express – A Tryst with My Childhood Days

People think that the life of a professor is entirely based on books and colleges and the wisdom and knowledge that he/she imparts to the students. But something is there beyond this. It is your very own independent life and thoughts, which do not have any boundaries and are strongly your possessions. It was the time when my husband and I decided to escape from our regular commitments and planned for an expedition. It started with my train travel from Delhi to Ahmedabad by Ala Hazrat Express. The day was sunny and we had to catch the train at 11 in the morning to check our allotted seats. My kids were literary excited to observe Gujarat’s happening city. Life is always wrapped in revelations and I passionately loom towards them.

Ala Hazrat Express

Ala Hazrat Express | Image Resource :

By the time I was wondering of the life’s philosophies, Gurgaon arrived after an hour. We had some refreshments and headed towards our preplanned activities in the train as it was necessary to cope up with my trotting kids. Gushing through the paddy fields, wide rivers and diverse landscapes, the train was acting as a showman. I was gazing outside the window with deep breathes, celebrating every moment of the rocking train.

Jaipur was about to arrive in the evening at 5:35 pm and my heart was beating with excitement. Being my native place, Jaipur has bestowed me with some of the wonderful reminiscence of my early days. It was the place of my playful childhood. Like me, for many, it is the wonderful part of the life, which lures them in every time. I showed it to my kids and they too were surprised to know that.

Ajmer arrived at late night say about 10:30 pm and it was probably the time to go off to be on early in the morning as Ahmedabad was about to arrive at 6:15 am. That was really a great experience in the train travel from Delhi to Ahmedabad by Ala Hazrat Express as it gave me to treasure my childhood once more. We plunged on the Ahmedabad station and searched for Hotel Avion Inn Ahmedabad, where the rooms were pre booked by my husband.

Train travel from Delhi to Ranchi by Jat Muri Rou Express – For the Fun of Togetherness

Life is an endless flurry of activities and we continue the grind day in and day out. It is therefore imperative that stress eventually takes its toll irrespective of the work that we indulge in. As a professor, although the work load may seem less, the responsibilities are generally so overbearing that I rely on my breaks to get rejuvenated every once in a while. I invariably make it a point to travel with my entire family and plan my trips accordingly; it gives me an opportunity to spend quality time with my dear ones. It is also a perfect way to understand the culture and specifics of a given place, which for me is most interesting and engaging. The train travel from Delhi to Ranchi by Jat Muri Rou Express was the initiation of my trip to Ranchi with my family.

Jat Muri Rou Express

Jat Muri Rou Express | Image Resource :

While most prefer to travel through airplanes, I almost always remain stuck with the railways because I feel that the time spent in the confinement of the train is possibly one of those when you can know more about the members of your family. There is no distraction of televisions or any other intervention, the entire family is together in the space of the compartment and the dialogue between them increases naturally. We had done this earlier too, the packed food of varied styles, the ones that could last for the day and the various board games and cards to kill the time. It is super fun. This trip was going to be no different. The arrangements were to the hilt, I had personally made sure that we did not forget anything and everything was going to be perfect, I was sure.

The train departed the Delhi station at around 4:30 in the morning and was to take us to Ranchi station by 9:30 am or so the next day. The entire day spent in the train during the train travel from Delhi to Ranchi by Jat Muri Rou Express was priceless. We had prior bookings with Hotel Accord, Ranchi for our accommodations. It was just the beginning and I was brimming with excitement.

Train Travel from Delhi to Varanasi by Dli Bsb Special Express

It was not for the first time that I took a break in the summer vacations to be with my family. We often plan to go somewhere, be it within my locality or outside it. Traveling has got its own charms always. However this time it was something special since we were traveling to the heritage city, Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. Having stayed in Delhi for the most of the period, I have seen almost every hook and corner of the capital. Our trip was planned in the summers and we started for our budget expedition in the Dli Bsb Express.

Dli Bsb Special Express

Dli Bsb Special Express | Image Resource :

The train operates only on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. I, my husband and my children started off the journey on a Saturday. The train started from Delhi station at about 2 pm in the midday. It was the month of March and therefore the heat was just setting in to the country’s capital. We had booked the tickets in the 3-tier air conditioned class. Apart from Delhi and Varanasi, the train covers only 5 junctions in between. Ghaziabad, Moradabad, Bareilly, and Sultanpur are the five junctions which the train crosses before reaching at the Varanasi Junction.

The entire journey was of 770 kilometers in distance. We reached at the Varanasi Junction on the next day at about 6 am in the early morning. It was a Sunday and the weather was pleasant in Uttar Pradesh. It sensed we have already landed in the heritage city, Varanasi which is known for its rich culture and fabulous food.

My journey in the Dli Bsb Express was indeed soothing. The train passed through several mountain ranges and varying landscapes. It was a pleasurable journey. The night spent in the train was also pleasing as we were provided with all the requisites one would need for a sufficing journey. I had carried food from home and therefore we didn’t feel the requirement to buy food from the train. However children had food from the local platforms. This train serves its passengers with great hospitality and doesn’t make anyone fall short for something. So it was an overall appealing experience.

My Train Travel from Delhi to Allahabad by Mahananda Express

Hi, I am yet again back with my posts accounting the details of my exciting trip to Allahabad. It was a busy month at work with college exams setting a very serious ambience all around. This seriousness tied up like an unbroken chain at the very core of students and teachers cerebral and distorted the thought pattern of a few to some extent. After the exams saw its end, like always, I was dehydrated due to the stereotypical ways of my city and things going around as a whole. Out of nowhere, my family surprised me beyond imagination and planned for a trip to Allahabad. I was always fond of Allahabad and by the books I read about its culture, cuisine and traditions. The excitement took a toll on me, which directed towards a proper bag packing. We had to initiate the train travel from Delhi (DLI) to Allahabad (ALD) by Mahananda Express, which was supposed to depart from the Delhi station at early morning the day after.

Mahananda Express

Mahananda Express | Image Resource :

Like every time, I made sure that proper heavy breakfast was carried since it was an early morning train. We boarded the train by six and I experienced a sense of frolic having my family around, especially my kids sitting next to me munching their sandwiches. It was sharp forty minutes past six and the wheels started running. I had a newspaper that would set me free, though inside a train, but still updated; that is what a newspaper can do to one. It is very good, more like a time travel and adding to the point was my fondness to study and to know many things.

Fortunately, we got good co passengers, a family of five, who were also heading to Allahabad and had their ancestral home situated at the heart of the city. Starting a conversation with them was effortless due to their extreme good behavior and sense of virtue. We had a heavy breakfast to make sure that we need not get hungry again in this journey though munchies were also carried to satisfy our tiny food trips. We exchanged words with the family who provided us with basic information about Allahabad, its climate, people, food and places to stay. I tried to visualize it but the reality was to be witnessed upfront.

The train travel from Delhi (DLI) to Allahabad (ALD) by Mahananda Express had cut me loose and threw me towards fun. Time passed by without realizing and we reached Allahabad closer to six in the evening.