Sankat Mochan Temple, Varanasi – The Shrine of Mahabali

It was the fifth day of my stay in Varanasi and so far I had a pleasant day in the city. The city had provided me enormous joy and warmth from its angles. The previous day was spent at the Gyanvapi mosque near the Lalita Ghat along the Ganges. On the fifth day we decided to make a visit to the Sankat Mochan temple here. I am anardent worshipper of Lord Hanuman and I never leave any opportunity to make a visit to Hanuman temples. As I was in Varanasi this time and the temple is located on road to the Durga temple and Kashi Vishwanath temple which I had visited three days back, it was easier to find.

Sankat Mochan Temple Varanasi

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To the southern part of the city of Varanasi, the Sankat Mochan temple is present. Quite similar to the Durga temple, the Hanuman temple also has large number of monkeys in the premises. The temple was built by the founder of Banaras Hindu University, Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya in the early periods of year 1900. Sri Hanuman is the worshipper and believer of Lord Rama and therefore there are unique statues of Lord Rama in the temple as well. People from all over the city come to mark their devotion to the God and offer besan ke ladoo as prasad. Vermillion and flower garlands are offered to the God by these devotees. It is also said that the temple was constructed when Goswami Tulsidas had a vision of the God in his dreams. The vision of the Almighty made him go for constructing the temple which is standing still near the ghats of Varanasi till now.

The temple opens early morning at about 5 am in the morning and closes at 10 pm in the night giving ample scope for the devotees to spend time in the temple complex. There is a Sankat Mochan Sangeet Samaroh which is conducted every month in the month of April. This samaroh is accompanied by talented and versatile musicians of India. The function was first celebrated some 88 years ago and since then it is being celebrated there. The ceremony attracts large number of crowds from all over the country.