RAF Bomber Command Memorial – Remembering the Unsung Heroes of War

A war is not something that any nation desires but when the time to defend its principles comes once in a while, it is the prerogative of every citizen to fight for the national cause. Some men immortalize themselves by giving the ultimate selfless sacrifice towards a greater cause and become the heroes of war.

These brave men fight for the nation and create stories that are remembered for generations to come. These become legacies of a nation and show how strong it is. The RAF Bomber Command Memorial is one such monument build to remember thousands of members of the Royal Air Force Bomber’s Squad who lost their lives serving the nation in the Second World War.

RAF Bomber Command Memorial

RAF Bomber Command Memorial | Image Resource : commons.wikimedia.org

The RAF Bomber Command Memorial was developed and planned in the year 2000 and completed by 2012. A long delay in its construction occurred because of a lack of funds but finally through a combined effort of thousands of private donors and a group of war veterans the memorial was commissioned and inaugurated by Her Majesty in the year of her Diamond Jubilee that is 2015. The people who donated in large amounts have found honorable mention on its official webpage.

Since its inauguration in July 2012 when around 6000 veterans and thousands of other national dignitaries attended, the RAF Bomber Command Memorial has become one of the most important memorials in London.

It is visited by thousands of tourists every year. I personally decided to travel to this memorial because I wanted to know more about these heroes of war and also to witness the beautiful and renowned architecture of the memorial. It has been critically acclaimed for the innovative design and also the use of remains from many RAF bomber planes that crashed during the war around Europe.

Monument RAF Bomber Command Memorial

Monument RAF Bomber Command Memorial | Image Resource : aerosteles.net

The Memorial is also a great location if one wants to have some time off from the busy city life without travelling to the countryside. The city maintains an air of calm around the RAF Memorial and it seems as if the entire city is paying homage to its heroes, the one who lost their lives to save not only the life and freedom of their fellow citizens but of those of the other friend nations.