My Train Travel From H Nizamuddin, Delhi to Mumbai Central by AG Kranti Rajdhani Express Was Smooth and Fun

I am a Professor in one of the reputed colleges of Delhi and need to stay focused on my job throughout the year. But the best thing in this kind of job is that you get vacations at different points of the year. I have always been an avid lover of travelling from my childhood. While I used to travel with my parents as a kid, I chose to travel with my friends during my college days and presently love to travel with my some family.

I have some peculiar likings which I love to fulfil especially when I am away from home. For instance, I generally maintain a healthy diet when I am at home. But whenever I visit different destinations, I bid goodbye to any kind of diet chart and devote my time in trying out new and exclusive food items. I shouldn’t say this but I am extremely good at cooking and keep my family always impressed with my culinary skills. Moreover, I generally love travelling by train as it enables me to have a spectacular view of everything that comes in the way. Additionally, it is still far cheaper than flights.

AG Kranti Rajdhani Express

AG Kranti Rajdhani Express | Image Resource :

It was time for the summer vacations and my kids were dying for a trip which would enable them to get refreshed after their exams. So we decided to travel to the major business hub of the country i.e. Mumbai. The New Delhi to Mumbai route can neither be classified as too long or too short. It is ideal for experiencing train journey in the best manner possible.

We chose to travel by the AG Kranti Rajdhani Express which would take around 18 hours to cover the New Delhi to Mumbai route. We boarded the train at around 4.30 in the evening. Since the journey was going to be a pretty long one, I had packed a lot of story books and magazines so that I could keep my children entertained. I had also packed some books related to cooking in order to increase my culinary skills. The AG Kranti Rajdhani Express reached Mumbai Central at around 10:15 in the morning the next day and we were a bit tired.