Royal Albert Hall London – A Temple for the Art Lover

The Royal Albert Hall is one of the most iconic buildings in London. It was established in the year 1868 by Queen Victoria. It is among the most visited tourist destinations in the city and is popular not only for its beautiful architecture but also for its vibrant cultural importance in Britain.

It has been a center of excellence for the display of art work from all spheres and all parts of the world since its establishment. It is also interesting to note that the Royal Albert Hall receives neither any public nor any private funding and yet has been able to maintain its extravagance over the years. This is a clear reflection of the dedication of the Royal hall’s trust and also of the immense popularity of the Albert Hall.

Royal Albert Hall is not only one of the most beautiful but also one of the largest concert halls in the world and is located on the northern corner of South Kensington in the British capital. It is also popular for hosting the largely followed and internationally covered Proms concerts every summer since the year 1941.

Royal Albert Hall London

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The capacity of the hall varies between 4200 and 5800 depending upon the positioning of the stage and the audience. It is a heritage site and has been serving the people of Britain for around 150 years now.

The hall was completed and opened for public in the year 1871. Since then almost all contemporary greats and leading artists from all corners of the world have given several performances cutting across genres. It has thus become one of the most treasured and dignified art stages in the world.

Royal Albert Hall Auditorium

Royal Albert Hall Auditorium | Image Resource :

The popularity of the Royal Albert Hall can be inferred from the fact that it has hosts around 350 events annually even today including not only classical concerts but also rock and pop genres. Ballet and opera shows have been the signature of the Albert Hall. Several sports, school events, charitable events and award ceremonies are also regularly organized at the hall.

The Hall was built in the memory of the Prince Consort Prince Albert and hence showcases his life and work. My trip to the Royal Albert Hall was mesmerizing and I am definitely touched by the Grandeur of the British Arts.

Photo of the Week : The London Eye United Kingdom

The London Eye United Kingdom

The London Eye United Kingdom | Image Resource :

The London Eye United Kingdom – The London Eye is one of the iconic locations in London and even though I thought my guts would spill out when I climbed up the Ferris wheel, I really enjoyed the view. I could see the city of London, important monuments and River Thames span across the horizon and it was a memorable experience.

The Royal Air Force Museum – Exploring the History of the Oldest Air Force

Britain has been a pioneer in aviation technology, whether it is the development of the first military planes or it is the development of the first commercial planes, Britain has done it all. It has revolutionized the way we fight wars (albeit tragically so) and also the way we travel around the world.

The Royal Air Force is one of the most advanced air forces in the world if not the largest. It has a rich heritage beginning from the days when the first planes were built at the dawn of the 20th century and its legacy is paramount.

People from all around the world visit the famous Royal Air Force Museum in London every year in order to catch a glimpse of its unique history and also to get a feel of how the development of military aircraft technology has affected our day to day lives.

Royal Air Force Museum London

Royal Air Force Museum London | Image Resource :

Development and progress in military technology can in no way be disconnected from the development of commercial technology; in fact all major commercial developments began as innovations in military pursuits. The Royal Air Force museum is a representation of these innovations and the human story behind these developments. People from all around the world contributed to the success of this great institution and have found their due place at the museum.

The exhibition currently on display at the Royal Air Force Museum in London is “Royal Air force in the First World War”. The exhibition includes many of the biplanes and preliminary fighter and bomber designs developed during the war. It also has a display of planning rooms, the ammunition used and a gallery containing actual photographs from the war. One could feel the thrill, the adrenaline and the same time anxiety and fear associated with being in a state of war.

The reading room has a beautiful collection of memoirs, photographs, speeches and interviews from all periods of history. The famous Churchill Address – “Battle of Britain” is also currently playing. My experience at the RAF museum was not only enriching but also an eye opener. Wars are not about machines and arms but about the human stories that play around these weapons of destruction.

A Journey to London – A Truly British Experience

I am a college Professor and am extremely passionate about my job. I take my work very seriously and hence during most part of the year I am quite involved with my professional duties. I am also a home maker and hence I try to take out as much time as I can for my children. These multitudes of responsibilities make my ordinary schedule extremely hectic and as a family we do not get many opportunities to travel around the country and the world. I believe that travelling and gathering experiences is an essential feature of life without which existence becomes simply trivial.

Given this general schedule of mine, the most suitable time for a family vacation for me is during the summer break. All of us are free for this slot in the year and each year we travel to the most interesting places in India and around the world.

British Airways

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London was the destination we chose this year and immediately I started looking for the most affordable New Delhi London flights. We had been planning a foreign trip for several years and when it all came together and materialized we were in the top of the moon being excited about our upcoming trip to Britain’s capital London.

London is one of the largest cities in the world and the most populated and diverse city in all of Europe. London is a true metropolitan and a global stage. It is home to one of the most vibrant population on earth with people from different countries and cultures. Our trip to London was to take us through the history of the oldest democracy of the world, its scenic beauty, food, fashion and culture. My family and I are foodies and hence this trip to London will also be a lot about authentic British cuisine.

Getting a good affordable hotel in this mega city can never be a trouble if you plan beforehand and book early. I took a British Airways flight from New Delhi IGI Airport to the London Heathrow international Airport. The total journey time was close to 8 and half hours. The journey with one of the leading aviation companies in the world was extremely entertaining and comfortable and we did not experience any jet lag.

London Heathrow international Airport

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Photo of the Week : Mumbai Vada Pav

mumbai vada pav

Mumbai Vada Pav | Image Resource :

Mumbai Vada Pav – One of the most staple foods in Mumbai is the famed Vada pav. This dish which is made out of the humble potato is loved by the poor and the rich alike. It does not cost more than twenty rupees and I always make sure I have the Mumbai Vada Pav from the carts in Mumbai.

Global Vipassana Pagoda – A Place to attain Peace of Mind

At the end of our Mumbai Trip, I was spellbound by the beauty and memorable memories that the city gave us. I remember one of our co-tourist suggesting us about one of the popular place of Mumbai. The place named Global Vipassana Pagoda, better known as Pagoda by the localities, is a place where people go to attain peace of mind and experience serenity. Recently built, it is constructed in the North-west of Mumbai. This place is built adjacent to Esselworld Park, one of the most popular theme park for Mumbaikars.

The Global Vipassana Pagoda is a meditation hall near Gorai, which is built on a peninsula between Gorai creek and the Arabian Sea. Overland one can use a car to reach this place. Also, one can reach this place by ferry service. This place was inaugurated by the then President of India, Pratibha Patil, on 8th February 2009. This attractive place is built in Burmese architectural style and it is said that this design is an expression of gratitude towards the country of Myanmar for preserving the practice of Vipassana. Here the community of monks practice teachings of Buddha.

global vipassana pagoda

Global Vipassana Pagoda | Image Resource :

The landmark Pagoda is a monument of peace and harmony. The amazing structure is built without any supporting pillars and the inside of the pagoda is hollow which serves as a very large meditation hall. The golden color of this landmark reflects brightness in the atmosphere when beautiful rays of sun fall on it. This rich heritage is a very popular getaway for Mumbaikars to get a quick peace of mind away from the daily chores of life.

inner view of global vipassana pagoda

Inner View of Global Vipassana Pagoda | Image Resource :

I believe, every individual should follow mediation for a calm and composed mind that will help in leading the life peacefully. I was truly mesmerized by the striking details of this place, Pagoda. This place built away from the hustle-bustle of the city is a must visit place, but, somehow, I missed the opportunity to visit it this time. On my next visit to the beautiful city of Mumbai, I plan to add this place to my checklist.

Adlabs Imagica Mumbai – Fun and Entertainment at Their Very Best

After exploring the massiveness of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, we moved on towards our last destination which was the Adlabs Imagica Mumbai. We were a bit sad that we were coming to the end of the journey but that didn’t stop the rush of feelings that we generally have while visiting an amusement park.

Yes, Adlabs Imagica is a huge amusement park situated on the Mumbai Pune Expressway near an area known as Khopoli. Since it is on the outskirts of the city, we had to travel for around one hour to get there. And believe me I haven’t seen my kids get so excited as they were when they were in front of the Adlabs Imagica Mumbai. As the name suggests, Adlabs Entertainment Limited (AEL) is the owner of the amusement park. The company is under Manmohan Shetty and is also responsible for the operations of the parl.

adlabs imagica mumbai

Adlabs Imagica Mumbai | Image Resource :

We could easily spot that it is extremely massive in size but could not believe our ears when one of the members told us that it occupies a total area of 300 acres. We also came to know that it had been constructed at a cost of around 1,650 crores. The amusement park is extremely famous as a weekend getaway and offers all the latest facilities for shopping, accommodation, dining and of course entertainment. The members told us that the park has the capacity to accommodate more than 20,000 visitors in one go. We had to pay a price of INR 1,399 each for entering the massive park as it gave us the opportunity to explore each and every ride. We were extremely amazed on entering the Adlabs Imagica and couldn’t decide where to start from.

ride in adlabs imagica mumbai

Ride in Adlabs Imagica Mumbai | Image Resource :


adlabs imagica water park

Adlabs Imagica! Water Park | Image Resource :

The best thing about the park was a roller coaster ride which didn’t have any base or floor. It is said that the ride is based on what was shown in a Bollywood film titled Mr. India. There are more than 20 different attractions along with five restaurants representing different themes. We could also spot a hotel which is said to have around 300 rooms. We also explored the water section which was termed as Aquamagica.