The Churchill War Room – Remembering the Greatest Briton of All Times

War and heroism have always gone hand in hand, wars have created figures which have risen beyond ordinary fame and left legacies which are motivation for an entire nation of people. Winston Churchill the 2 time British Prime Minister, scholar and a Nobel Laureate in English Literature, fondly remembered as one of the most influential men of the 20th century.

Churchill War Rooms

Churchill War Rooms | Image Resource :

Winston Churchill was much more than a war time Prime Minister, he was a man who inspired an entire nation and brought it together to fight not for its own sake but for the principles it stood for. The Battle of Britain was the battle for democracy and Churchill believed that there was absolutely no cost too much for this fundamental freedom. His speeches were among the most inspirational speeches delivered ever and have inspired several generations of citizens of the free world.

The Churchill War Rooms is a museum located in central London and since 1984 has been managed by the Imperial War Museum. The Churchill War Rooms are one of the five centers of historic relevance managed by the Imperial Museum. The Churchill War Rooms are also known by their actual name, the Cabinet War Rooms and were operational since 1939.

Cabinet War Rooms

Cabinet War Rooms | Image Resource :

The Churchill War Rooms is a large museum of which the Cabinet War Rooms is an integral part, this historic complex built underground in the basement of the Treasury Building in the New Government Offices is located in Westminster.

It fundamentally housed the most important British government command centre during the entire duration of the Second World War remaining open 24 hrs and around the year for over 6 years till 1945. The Museum also includes the Churchill Museum exclusively dedicated as a biographical museum which depicts and explores the life of the greatest Briton of All Times.

Biographical Museum

Biographical Museum | Image Resource :

After the war the cabinet war rooms remained abandoned for several years and later on identification of their immense historic value the Cabinet War Rooms were recognized and national heritage sites. Until 1984 the Ministry of Works had maintained the site but public access except for a few visits to journalists was not open till 1984. After a long effort in the early 1980s by the famous Imperial War Museum, the institution was able to gain administration of the War Rooms site and converted it into a museum dedicated to the life and work of Churchill.

It was redeveloped and opened again in 2005 in its present form. I find myself extremely fortunate to have had a chance to explore the life and times of a great man like Sir Winston Churchill.

Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill | Image Resource :

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