The Buckingham Palace – Witnessing the Grandeur of the British Monarchy

Britain is the world’s oldest democracy and is being ruled under the name of a single family lineage for over 1000 years now. The rich history of the British Monarchy is illustrated in the various architectural phases and eras of the empire. Several castles and forts built around the city have become the showcases of British Art and architecture.

These castles and palaces are visited by thousands of tourists from around the world every year. They not only preserve the rich history of various eras but are also house some of the best collections of art, antiques and memorabilia. As a teacher I am quite enthusiastic about exploring the nuances of world history and European History is by far one of my favorite areas. I was also happy to see my kinds taking a deep interest in British History all through this trip.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace | Image Resource :

Whenever a mention of palaces and forts in Britain comes up the first name that pops up in any one’s mind is the Buckingham palace which is located in heart of London close to the Constitution Hill. It is also the official workplace and the London residence of the monarch of the United Kingdom. Currently it houses Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II. It is actually located in the City of Westminster; the palace serves as the hosting place for most visiting Heads of States and also as an important centre for national and internationally important ceremonies.

The Buckingham Palace is named so because it was initially built and owned by the First Duke of Buckingham and Normanby it was bought and  the year 1700. Later it was bought and acquired by King George III as a private residence for his wife the Queen Charlotte in the year 1761. It has been remodeled and redeveloped on several occasions over the years most recognizably in the 19th century by famed architects Edward Blore and John Nash.

Buckingham Palace Interiors

Buckingham Palace Interiors | Image Resource :

The Buckingham Palace is open for the Public during August and September after the ceremonial Summer Opening which is attended by thousands of tourists. The last major reform occurred during the early twentieth century after Buckingham Palace became the official residence of Queen Victoria. The iconic East Front and Garden were built during this remodeling. The Garden of Buckingham Palace also on the East Facade is the largest privately owned garden in Britain.

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