Comfort Inn Hyde Park Rooms – The Complete Lodging Solution

Over the many days of my stay in London I have seen many great tourist locations. The city has welcomed us and our trip has been memorable till now. Whenever one is away from home travelling especially on family trips it is in essentiality to choose a comfortable and affordable lodging solution.

If one is not comfortable at the premises then the fun of the entire trip fades considerably and one has to worry about trivialities wasting precious travel time. After all for working class people like me the chance to travel to London comes only once in a long time. Another important aspect is affordability. Given that lodging takes away a chunk as large as 40 to 50% of your total travel expenditure, one must choose a comfortable and affordable hotel so that the trip need not be cut short because of over the moon hotel expenditures.

Comfort Inn Hyde Park Hotel London

Comfort Inn Hyde Park Hotel London | Image Resource :

The Comfort Inn Hyde Park Hotel has been my den for this memorable trip to London. I have immensely enjoyed the hospitality of this homely location. The Hotel Comfort Inn, Hyde Park is located in central London and yet far away from the rush of the main streets. It is quite accessible from all parts of the city which was the first thing I checked while booking hotels in London.

It is located centrally with respect to all major destinations on my itinerary and particularly close to the Royal Albert Hall which I mentioned in my previous posts. A shopping center is also located nearby and one does not need to go far away to search for general commodities. The Imperial College and Harrods are also close by.

The Rooms at the Comfort Inn Hyde Park are all air conditioned with a thermostat provided in every room. The airy and well furnished rooms are the best places to wear off the travel strains.  With a little extra charge one can access high speed wireless Internet access all through the premises of the hotel. Phones are available in every room.  Large number of cupboards and desks allow you to unpack all necessities easily.

The Premium Amenities at the Hotel Comfort Inn which made me choose the hotel while looking for options on hotel booking apps include a wonderful spa and massage center. Guided tours are also organized by the hotel in order to allow tourists to find a complete travel solution at one place. The food had authentic British flavors, which is exactly what you want when travelling. Experiencing all parts of the British culture we had a great stay at the Hotel Comfort Inn.


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