A Journey to London – A Truly British Experience

I am a college Professor and am extremely passionate about my job. I take my work very seriously and hence during most part of the year I am quite involved with my professional duties. I am also a home maker and hence I try to take out as much time as I can for my children. These multitudes of responsibilities make my ordinary schedule extremely hectic and as a family we do not get many opportunities to travel around the country and the world. I believe that travelling and gathering experiences is an essential feature of life without which existence becomes simply trivial.

Given this general schedule of mine, the most suitable time for a family vacation for me is during the summer break. All of us are free for this slot in the year and each year we travel to the most interesting places in India and around the world.

British Airways

British Airways | Image Resource : thewinglet.boardingarea.com

London was the destination we chose this year and immediately I started looking for the most affordable New Delhi London flights. We had been planning a foreign trip for several years and when it all came together and materialized we were in the top of the moon being excited about our upcoming trip to Britain’s capital London.

London is one of the largest cities in the world and the most populated and diverse city in all of Europe. London is a true metropolitan and a global stage. It is home to one of the most vibrant population on earth with people from different countries and cultures. Our trip to London was to take us through the history of the oldest democracy of the world, its scenic beauty, food, fashion and culture. My family and I are foodies and hence this trip to London will also be a lot about authentic British cuisine.

Getting a good affordable hotel in this mega city can never be a trouble if you plan beforehand and book early. I took a British Airways flight from New Delhi IGI Airport to the London Heathrow international Airport. The total journey time was close to 8 and half hours. The journey with one of the leading aviation companies in the world was extremely entertaining and comfortable and we did not experience any jet lag.

London Heathrow international Airport

London Heathrow international Airport | Image Resource : en.wikipedia.org


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