Jharkhand: A New State That Retains Old Traditions

Jharkhand is a newly formed state that separated from Bihar recently to retain its cultural identity. Here is a brief look at Jharkhand as a state. I have given a brief insight into the diverse festivals, customs and even cuisine of this marvellous state. Hope you enjoy reading about this beautiful state.

Waterfall in Jharkhand

Waterfall in Jharkhand | Image Resource : blog.easyhols.com

Festivals of Jharkhand

The unique festivals of Jharkhand are one of the major contributors of its distinct identity. The state celebrates Sarhul, Tusu, Karma and Hal Punhya apart from the regular festivals like Christmas, Id, Holi and New Year.


Sarhul is practised during spring time. It is a harvest festival to please the village deities. The flowers are placed as offerings. It Is regarded as a symbol of love and brotherhood.


Tusu is a harvest festival celebrated during the winter harvest. People still diligently follow the customs related to this festival.

Hal Punhya

Hal Punhya celebrates the first day of ploughing and is again a harvest festival.

Unique Cuisine

The cuisine of a place defines a place to a great extent. The prevalence of Buddhism in Jharkhand has naturally lead to a greater preference of vegetarian food among people in Jharkhand. Mustard oil is used for most cooking purposes.

Music and Dance

The unique music and dance forms of Jharkhand are also a major part of the Jharkhand culture. There are many different forms of dance like Paika Dance, Chaw, Jadur and Karma that are prominent among the people of Jharkhand. They form a significant part of their unique culture.

Paika Dance Form of Jharkhand

Paika Dance Form of Jharkhand | Image Resource : cravebits.com

Lifestyle of Jharkhand

There are nearly 32 archaic tribes of India that reside in Jharkhand. The languages spoken are primarily Hindi, English and Urdu. You may also find traces of Bengali speaking people. Tribal languages like Kurukh and Munda are also spoken here.

Jharkhand is a culturally rich Indian state. The rich culture and countless traditions of Jharkhand need to be safeguarded. They need to be kept alive. The unique cuisine needs to be taken to the world. That is the only way you can safeguard this beautiful state.


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