Kidzania Mumbai- A Magical Way of Educating Kids

The next destination in our list was Kidzania and I don’t need to mention separately that this was the place my kids were dying to visit ever since they landed in Mumbai. We had to pay an amount of INR 500 each for entering the park. The place is actually a global indoor park cum education centre which has been built for family for inspiring, educating and empowering kids in a completely different fashion. Unlike regular schools, they resort to activities which actually happen in real life in order to train the kids.

The best thing about the centre is the ideal mixture of entertainment and reality. Being a professor, I was extremely impressed with the manner education was provided to the children. Instead of the boring classrooms inside the four walls, the children were having fun and learning various practical things at the same time. I was just wondering that the big universities, schools and colleges if the country can learn from this centre and change the way kids look at education.

Kidzania Mumbai

Kidzania Mumbai | Image Resource :

I was so impressed with their unique mode of providing education that I had even wished to admit my kids at this centre. I had a chat with some of the teachers and trainers of the centre and they told me that Kidzania believes in its ability to change and inspire global citizenship thereby building strong awareness about community amongst children. And it resorts to interesting, funny and hands on experience to achieve that.

I bet that the campus and facilities of Kidzania are so adorable that you are bound to fall in love with it. All the staff members were extremely qualified and have the training to deal with the little ones in the best manner possible.

The organisation has taken special steps to make sure that visitors don’t have to face any kind of problem while roaming around their massive campus. The steps taken to maintain the security of the visitors was amazing. We were given special RFID bracelets which could be removed only at the time of exiting the park. We could also spot a large number of video cameras installed at different corners of the park.


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