Prithvi Theatre Mumbai and Its Importance for Indian Cinema

The fresh ambience and the exclusive features of the Kanheri Caves left us mesmerized. After exploring the beauty and magnificence of the caves and the monasteries nearby, we left for our next destination which was Prithvi Theatre. Mumbai is undoubtedly the hub of Bollywood and is home to endless theatres, cinema halls and stages. But one of the most popular one among them is the Prithvi Theatre.

It came into existence in the hands of famous actor Shashi Kapoor who had devoted it to his father named Prithviraj Kapoor who had wished to have a base for his theatre company. We knew that the Kapoor family has the ownership rights of the theatre. Prithivi Theatres was a travelling theatre firm which came into existence in 1944 due to the efforts of Prithviraj Kapoor. After running for more than fifteen years successfully, the company had to be closed down.

Prithvi Theatre Mumbai

Prithvi Theatre Mumbai | Image Resource :

We came to know that the credit for the architecture of the theatre goes to Ved Segan who was supervised by Shashi Kapoor’s wife named Jennifer Kapoor. She was also the trustee and had the responsibility of managing the theatre before her death in the year 1984. The theatre was opened for conducting shows for the first time in Juhu in 1978. The daily affairs of the theatre are presently looked after by Kunal Kapoor along with his small but extremely efficient team.

We weren’t lucky enough to enjoy a show at the theatre due to shortage of time but the chance to view it live was something very pleasing. Just like most of the girls, I have always been a big fan of theatre artists and Bollywood actors and stay glued to the TV for hours. The Theatre has the scope to conduct shows every day of the week except Monday.

We also came to know that on 28th of February every year, the Prithvi Theatre organizes plays and workshops for children at the Memorial Concert. It also acts as a host to a lot of partnership programmes in order to promote the importance of documentaries, international cinema, poetry, performing arts and language.


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