Kanheri Caves Mumbai Will Definitely Amaze You with Its Exclusive Features

Kanheri Caves Mumbai

Kanheri Caves Mumbai | Image Resource : maeveharder.wordpress.com

The comfortable beds of the resort enabled us to have a sound sleep and get rid of the tiredness that had crept in due to the 18 hour long train journey. We had our breakfast at the resort and decided to leave as we didn’t want to waste time in exploring the destinations properly. We chose to begin with the Kanheri Caves Mumbai. On reaching the place, we could easily feel the freshness in the air, something which is hard to find in metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi.

It is considered to be in the list of the most spacious and airiest locations in Mumbai. It is ideal for people who are looking for a mesmerizing outing away from the noise and pollution of urban life. It is located at Borivali inside the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Thanks to the huge amount of greenery and fresh air that this area is referred as the city’s lungs. We came to know that the caves are one of the oldest formations in the country and have been there since 1st century BC. We were simply mesmerized with the architecture which represents the skills of ancient Indians.

Exquisite carvings in kanheri caves

Exquisite carvings in kanheri caves | Image Resource : indiamike.com

The best thing about the caves is the presence of more than 100 special types of entrances towards the caves. The different types of natural structures formed as a result of Basalt were extremely surprising as well. Unlike other caves in India, there is a special rock bed or splinth in each and every cave. We also came to know that the caves were used as Buddhist shrines and acted as a focal point at the time of Buddhist settlement during third century courtesy the congregation halls equipped with huge stupas.

One of the most peculiar things about the caves is the sight of more than thirty incomplete paintings of Lord Buddha. We also visited the prayer hall or Vihara and the numerous monasteries in the surroundings and gathered much information about the Buddhist lifestyle and occupation. There were local guides who can make arrangements for adventurous sports like treks, trapeze, etc. The sight of the naturally flowing rivers and streams in the premises of the Kanheri Caves was hard to miss as well.

Prayer Hall

Prayer Hall | Image Resource : travellingboots.wordpress.com


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