Tasty eastern dessert – Mitha Khaja

Sweets at my home are integral part of our perfect three course meal on weekends. Recently my aunt visited our place for vacation. My kids where so delighted – Not to see her but more for the sweets she had bought. Well they do love her as we all know how kids are too fond of presents for themselves.  They just relished the taste of this crunchy circular layered sweet with pista flakes on top and demanded to learn it.

Luckily my aunt knew this eastern dessert and shared here secret recipe. To me exchanging your knowledge opens wide avenues to gain it too.  So here I am sharing the recipe to make Mitha Khaja. A healthy dessert made from jaggery and flour with little dry fruits on top.

Material Needed:

½ cup – jaggery
1½ cup of – White Flour
½ tsp cardamom powder
1 tbsp. Ghee, Pista Flakes
½ ltr Ghee for frying
1 cup water

Mitha Khaja

Mitha Khaja | Image Resource : youtube.com

Preparing the dish:

Make jaggery water first. Take a pan, pour water and add jaggery. Let it boil until the jaggery dissolves then turn off the flame and strain the water.

Make a dough by using the white flour, adding cardamom powder, ghee and knead the mixture into a soft dough using the jaggery water.

Then divide the dough into 20 equal parts and knead each with your palm into a long flat tail.

Then start rolling each part into a circle, slit the sides on both parts with a knife and stock them under a clean white cloth for an hour until they are dry.

Then later fry it in ghee on a low flame till the dough becomes golden brown.

After frying keep the Mitha Khaja out for a while till its crisp then store in an air tight jar.
Remember while serving garnish with pista flakes.

Do let me know you valuable feedback and experience. Take care buddies.


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