Dr Graham’s Home Kalimpong – An Inspiring Sight !

Upon reading about the Dr. Grahams home and its ancient history my professor self couldn’t resist visiting it! So one afternoon while we were just lazing around in our room, I decided to check it out.

Dr. Graham`s home was perpetually peaceful with its enormous and charming landscape enclosed by the beautiful century old structures. Speaking with the caretaker there, she shared a lot of information and historic details about the place like it was formerly known as the St. Andrew`s colonial homes and renamed Dr. Graham`s home, after the name of its founder, John Anderson Graham who was Scottish missionary.

His contribution to the Himalayan region is plenty but the most striving one is his relentless effort to teach the children of the lower strata of the society and effort to inform the locals with modern systems. His efforts were really helpful in educating the lower strata of the society, and thus this house stands in his memory.

Dr Graham's Home Kalimpong

Dr Graham’s Home Kalimpong | Image Resource : procyon4x.blogspot.com

The home is now a full-fledged school where children of all strata come for their education. It is known to be one of the most topmost schools of that area. The history and the background of it really fascinated me.

Unlike the schools in the city which are cramped for spaces, and have small negligible sized play grounds, this one is located at the hills of the towns. With huge classes and which are well furnished and have all the basic teaching material. The play ground is vast and huge, with the entire nearby surrounding available for use. But the structured playground is dived into different parts according to the sports played.

One thing which really impressed me was the boarding system the school still works on the initial principle of Dr. Graham to provide a home away from home to the underprivileged students. The school provides boarding facility in the form of cottages.


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