Deolo Hill Kalimpong – An Interesting Experience!

The next day we travelled to Kalimpong which is another major tourist attraction near Darjeeling, we browsed the internet for some interesting places and came across the Deolo hill.

The Deolo hill is located few kilometers further from Kalimpong town which can easily be reached though a car. The cab drop us at the base of the hill, and from there one has to walk for about 10-15 to reach the hill.

The walk to Deolo Hill in itself is quite a pleasurable experience with the view of the lush green hills and the clear sky. Walking towards the Deolo hill, we came across the science centre which is a huge property with a building and expansive garden around. From the looks of it was a popular picnic spot amongst the locals.

Deolo Hill Kalimpong

Deolo Hill Kalimpong | Image Resource :

Also the garden outside the Science Centre offers a nice place to relax and enjoy the view of the Kanchenjunga Mountain. From there we could also see the people paragliding in the blue skies.

On the way to the hill there were quite a few small Dhaba style restaurants lined which served everything from traditional north Indian food, to Chinese Mughlai and fast food. We stopped at a stall for snacks, and more to check the traditional fare, which turned out to be delicious.

Though the walk to the hill is tiring, especially during the afternoon times, but the view from the top along with the calm atmosphere is completely worth it. The lush green mountains and the small tiny houses which are visible from the hill top makes for an interesting sight.

Deolo Hill has a lot of resting places and wooden bench at every turn and corner, where one can easily sit down and gaze at the view or take a book and relax. But since we had kids with us who get impatient we left the spot pretty soon.


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