Witness The Magic Of Nature at Tiger Hill Darjeeling

The next day we visited another must see attractions of Darjeeling which is the Tiger Hill point. The Tiger Hill is famous for its view at the sunrise. Though we had an amazing experience at the Kanchenjunga Mountain, we were told that the view at Tiger Hill beats it.

So we decide to give it a shot, this time we left the kids at the hotel. As the Tiger hill is little far from out hotel, to catch the sunrise we had to get up extra early which was literally the middle of the night, but the experience and view was totally worth it!

To reach the Tiger Hill in time of sunrise, we hired a cab the previous night itself, which promptly arrived at our hotel at 4 am. It was the middle of the night and I was still very sleepy, but we huddled in the car and started towards the hilltop. The sleepiness immediately flew away due to the blaring horns of the vehicles at the entrance to the hill.

Tiger Hill Darjeeling

Tiger Hill Darjeeling | Image Resource : commons.wikimedia.org

There was literally a traffic jam at four in the morning on this tiny hill and the driver told us that it is because it was the holidays. Navigating through the traffic, we managed to reach the ticket counter as there are entry fees if you want a better and a higher viewing point.

Upon reaching the vantage point there was a huge crowd gathered to catch the sunrise. In spite of all the chaos around, nature did not disappoint us and we observed a charming sunrise bathing the Himalaya. We were able to see the Kanchenjunga Mountain clearly, but Mount Everest remained hidden behind the clouds.

It was really delighting to watch the sun gain strength as it rises into the sky. The first touch of the warm sunlight touching me was magical. Standing in the dark cold, the warmth of the sun felt amazing. As the sun rose we could see the town of Darjeeling below, what a breathtaking sight it was!

Sunrise view Kanchenjunga at Tiger Hill, Darjeeling

Sunrise view Kanchenjunga at Tiger Hill, Darjeeling | Image Resource : flickr.com


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